Definition of misch metal in English:

misch metal


mass noun
  • An alloy of cerium, lanthanum, and other rare earth metals, used as an additive in various alloys, e.g. in flints for cigarette lighters.

    • ‘Impure lanthanum is used in alloys such as misch metal, of which lanthanum is a major constituent.’
    • ‘Neodymium is present in misch metal to the extent of about 18%.’
    • ‘One of the oldest use of lanthanum metal is in the production of misch metal, an alloy that produces sparks when struck.’
    • ‘The interface characteristics derived from the lifetime results could be used to give a satisfactory interpretation of the dependence of mechanical properties on the content of misch metal.’
    • ‘The employment of the misch metal, which comprises multi-rare earth elements, instead of pure Ce in the Ce-Al - Co system can improve the glass-forming ability in spite of the tiny atomic size difference of the rare earth metals.’


1920s: from German Mischmetall, from mischen ‘to mix’ + Metall ‘metal’.


misch metal