Definition of miscast in English:



  • 1Allot an unsuitable role to (an actor)

    ‘he is badly miscast in the romantic lead’
    • ‘He is not a bad actor, just thoroughly miscast.’
    • ‘However, while he doesn't embarrass himself, he is miscast.’
    • ‘Though I liked his ‘matador’ scene, he was really miscast, particularly in such a heavyweight lineup.’
    • ‘It's not that he's miscast, or wrong for the film, but his thespian power transcends the material, making the meager work of others around him stand out even more.’
    • ‘It is not his fault if Waugh's world view seeps too biliously through the pictures, or if one of the central actors has been drastically miscast.’
    • ‘She is miscast as the semi-femme fatale.’
    • ‘These people are badly miscast in the role of the vanguard of the world revolution.’
    • ‘She may or may not be miscast but she can't really be blamed for the farce that's imploding around her, and nor can anyone else.’
    • ‘Some people felt that Tom Hanks was miscast, but I thought he was dead-on, because it's a father and son story.’
    • ‘There has always been a vicious edge to his performances, which is why he's miscast in romcoms and nice guy roles.’
    • ‘A good actor with the right material, he is simply miscast and unconvincing as a predatory seducer.’
    • ‘It's not enough that they had to badly miscast this movie.’
    • ‘There is nothing wrong with his performance, except that he is drastically miscast as a quiet mathematician.’
    • ‘However, the two are woefully miscast, the script is terrible, and the result is a mind-numbingly boring mess.’
    • ‘As I stated earlier, he is miscast here.’
    • ‘She has hitherto, in films and plays, always been miscast as the sweet, lovely ingénue.’
    • ‘It's not that she's is a bad actress (she's solid in comedies and light dramas), but she's woefully miscast here.’
    • ‘And to think, these two horribly miscast actors are the bottom foundation to a three-sided love rendezvous that is supposed to make us feel like caring and having concern for the outcome of all these explosive events.’
    • ‘Not a single member of the cast is miscast or acts poorly.’
    • ‘He is woefully miscast here - he's supposed to be a hard-edged cop who has been pushed to despair by the failed sting at the opening of the picture.’
    1. 1.1 Allot the roles in (a play or film) to unsuitable actors.
      ‘it's hard to imagine a more miscast version of ‘Julius Caesar’’
      • ‘It's not a truly awful film; I'd say it's best described as a very mediocre film almost completely done in by the miscasting of the lead role and some unanswered questions in the narrative.’
      • ‘Adding the second child was necessary from the standpoint of a sequel, but horrible miscasting in the new baby's voice hurt the film.’
      • ‘There's no equivalent to what it would have been like to miscast the main role, it would have been a terrible movie.’
      • ‘‘Dances with Samurai’ is a disappointing and miscast film, relying on senseless, violent battles and a flimsy script to make a point.’
      • ‘While the film may be silly and reductive and wonderfully miscast, it still can be used to examine racial stereotyping and white colonialism (masked here as white liberal civic-mindedness).’
      • ‘Based on the acclaimed novel by Philip Roth, and starring Anthony Hopkins and Nicole Kidman, the film suffers from being horrendously miscast from the outset.’
      • ‘Cary Grant and Sophia Loren had appeared together in 1957's The Pride and the Passion, a film that was handsomely mounted but generally suffered from miscasting.’
      • ‘Everything about the film is ill judged, miscast and intellectually anorexic.’
      • ‘The sketchy dynamics of the central relationships are just one of many problems in Novocaine, an ambitious but mishandled, miscast hybrid that provides little in the way of thrills.’
      • ‘And certain important roles have either been badly miscast or misconceived.’
      • ‘However, the film's ape-man was terribly miscast.’
      • ‘George Lucas on the other hand ruined his own Star Wars myth, and his reputation as a director, if not a money maker, with poorly plotted, miscast prequels which played fast and loose with the fans' cherished memories.’
      • ‘Everyone's favourite cheeky actor comes undone in a disappointingly miscast role in Channel 4's latest gritty urban drama.’