Definition of miscarry in English:



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  • 1(of a pregnant woman) experience a miscarriage.

    ‘Wendy miscarried after five weeks’
    with object ‘she miscarried her first baby’
    • ‘The boy had been the father's only child, a miracle baby, born after his mother had miscarried five times.’
    • ‘Your baby could be physically injured, or you could miscarry or have preterm labor.’
    • ‘Women who miscarry will experience the same kind of postpartum depression that full-term pregnancy can bring.’
    • ‘They'd gotten pregnant only once before, and she had miscarried.’
    • ‘The challenge of an antenatal screening programme is, therefore, to identify women in whom a risk of Down's syndrome is sufficiently high to justify such an invasive test and to minimise the risk of miscarrying a healthy baby.’
    • ‘On her return to Ireland she needed follow-up medical treatment and had to tell her doctor and the hospital that she had miscarried.’
    • ‘It's important to remember that many women experience spotting in early pregnancy and most do not miscarry.’
    • ‘About 15% of women with a clinically recognised pregnancy will miscarry spontaneously during the first trimester.’
    • ‘After two and half months, almost three, Amy miscarried.’
    • ‘Fears that chemical byproducts resulting from purifying drinking water with chlorine boost the chances that pregnant women will miscarry were not supported by the results of a major new study.’
    • ‘As 15% of pregnancies miscarry, a move towards community care has important implications for the health service.’
    • ‘But in 1992 a pregnant woman spontaneously miscarried when she was ‘tasered.’’
    • ‘Andrea miscarried on her first attempt and the second attempt didn't take hold.’
    • ‘Her high blood pressure and the fact that she had miscarried within the last year only added to the problems.’
    • ‘I have cared for women miscarrying, and women whose labours have been induced, for all their pain is immeasurable.’
    • ‘The pain was the result of nervous exhaustion and an empty stomach, David says: she will not miscarry.’
    • ‘For goodness sake, nature is estimated to abort up to 80% of all pregnancies - many women miscarry before they even know they are pregnant, and never know they were.’
    • ‘Emily sighed softly in thought, her mind turning to her second child she had miscarried 19 years ago.’
    • ‘This can be an alternative to surgery because many ectopic pregnancies will miscarry naturally.’
    • ‘Like all pregnancies there is the possibility that she may miscarry, so we are keeping our fingers crossed.’
    lose one's baby, have a miscarriage, abort, have a spontaneous abortion
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  • 2(of a plan) fail to attain an intended outcome.

    ‘such a rash crime, and one so very likely to miscarry!’
    • ‘Their military plans frequently miscarried so that changes in strategy had to be swiftly devised and implemented.’
    • ‘Is it enough for the defence to raise a reasonable doubt that the plan might have miscarried for some reason?’
    • ‘But the plot miscarries, and finally Celia's virtue and loyalty prevail on the king to surrender her to his son.’
    • ‘The plot miscarried, only Hippias' younger brother Hipparchus was killed, and the ‘tyrannicides’ were executed.’
    • ‘Selfishly I assured myself with the knowledge that Toby had created his own mess in the past, and that if my plan was to miscarry, it would simply be a nasty case of karma.’
    • ‘But the collection's second proposition miscarries.’
    • ‘Plans for a new building have miscarried terribly.’
    • ‘They enjoyed the prestige of being the custodians of the Holy Temple at Mecca, and therefore their propaganda was not likely to miscarry.’
    • ‘This plan miscarried, but he corresponded with Sartre and struck up a friendship with Jean Beaufret, the most loyal of French Heideggerians.’
    go wrong, go awry, go amiss, be unsuccessful, fail, misfire, abort, be abortive, founder, come to nothing, come to grief, meet with disaster, fall through, be ruined, fall flat, boomerang, rebound, backfire, recoil
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    1. 2.1dated (of a letter) fail to reach its intended destination.
      ‘many of my letters home miscarried because the post went through enemy-occupied Europe’