Definition of misbegotten in English:



  • 1Badly conceived or planned.

    ‘someone's misbegotten idea of an English country house’
    • ‘But her lyrics touch on stalkers, stabbing, and misbegotten foreign policy.’
    • ‘This has been part of the fallacy driving Junior's misbegotten strategy from day one.’
    • ‘The Duke wondered what he should do and the idea came into his head that he should go back to Abdullah's where this whole misbegotten night had started, as if by retracing his steps that way he could somehow straighten things out.’
    • ‘Is this the misbegotten principle on which he wants to take a stand?’
    • ‘We face a perfect storm of environmental degradation and the ongoing collapse of a rickety, misbegotten infrastructure that in most cases is provoking the very conditions that will topple it.’
    • ‘The other is just out and hopefully will be equally misbegotten.’
    • ‘Still, the fact that every finisher is received like a survivor from some misbegotten Arctic expedition is nice.’
    • ‘To call lifting 25 million people out of fear and despair, into freedom and hope, a misbegotten adventure beggars belief.’
    • ‘But slowly it dawned on me that it was, perhaps, more about the most classic of misbegotten South African stereotypes.’
    • ‘This misbegotten reversion to the failed doctrines of the Volkstead era of Prohibition has less than the chance of success which that effort had.’
    • ‘Israel's colonisation of the West Bank and Gaza after 1967 was a misbegotten venture that has - deliberately - made it very much harder to negotiate a peace based on sharing the disputed land between two states.’
    • ‘There is today an incredible amount riding on the continued extreme monetary expansion emanating from one particular misbegotten sector of the U.S. credit system - mortgage finance.’
    • ‘The irony of it all is that what was once thought to be ‘a very predictable, very successful marriage negotiation’ turns out be a disastrous misbegotten marriage.’
    • ‘Possibly because of this tragedy rightly overshadowing all other aspects, little has been heard of the monetary cost of this misbegotten adventure.’
    • ‘That hubris strikes me as even more misbegotten given what's happened since the war ended.’
    • ‘We rejected the brutality, the propaganda, the misbegotten wars, the imperial arrogance.’
    • ‘And those poor schmucks who are over there fighting and dying for this misbegotten war need to believe that they are doing a good deed for their fellow man and protecting their own.’
    • ‘But the prospect of unsettling protest within India was not a thing of the past, particularly following the misbegotten partition of Bengal in 1905.’
    • ‘As I don't own a television, my irregular glimpses of that misbegotten medium derive from the hospitality of someone else.’
    • ‘Finally, the Apology Resolution and its misbegotten offspring, the Akaka Bill, betray this nation's sacred motto: E pluribus unum.’
    ill-conceived, ill-advised, ill-made, badly planned, badly thought-out, hare-brained, abortive
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    1. 1.1 Contemptible (used as a term of abuse)
      ‘you misbegotten hound!’
      • ‘And what about you, George you misbegotten cretin.’
      • ‘They aren't like anything we've seen on this misbegotten dirtball so far.’
      • ‘From the doorsteps, some misbegotten mutts might cast a malevolent but lazy eye toward us.’
      • ‘Why couldn't they lock the woman up in the Tower of London for the rest of her misbegotten life?’
      • ‘You must break the will of His minions that cause the gates to stand, and face the misbegotten army that defends them.’
      • ‘Time out for complaint: Is there ever any sunshine on this misbegotten planet?’
      • ‘At least, as you say, you always bring one of your poor misbegotten lackeys with you when you get those promotions.’
      • ‘And all of this must be viewed within the conditions that exist in this poor misbegotten place as we speak.’
      • ‘It would be a boon to cities if they could get rid of such misbegotten places.’
      • ‘Our capital cities and coastal conglomerates are full of misbegotten monstrosities.’
      • ‘Looking ahead towards his - and mankind's - future, the misbegotten son of this unholiest union history has ever known said he was optimistic.’
      • ‘Even when she doesn't start it herself (and even I don't blame her for everything that happens in this misbegotten town), she flies straight to trouble like beetles to a lava lamp.’
      contemptible, despicable, wretched, miserable, confounded, blithering, footling, infernal, damned, cursed, accursed, flaming
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    2. 1.2archaic (of a child) illegitimate.
      born out of wedlock, born of unmarried parents
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