Definition of misappropriate in English:



[with object]
  • Dishonestly or unfairly take (something, especially money, belonging to another) for one's own use.

    ‘the report revealed that department officials had misappropriated funds’
    • ‘The document warned that officials who violated rules in order to expand relocation, who misused government power or who misappropriated compensation funds would be severely punished.’
    • ‘They also want a mechanism for exonerating MPs from any accusation that they might be misappropriating public funds.’
    • ‘He and three other investors later sued claiming that their funds had been misappropriated.’
    • ‘He talked about the Government misappropriating money, which is theft.’
    • ‘He said the two men were former government employees who had misappropriated funds, but who now represented themselves as opposition figures.’
    • ‘He welcomed calls by clubs to have the accounts audited to verify claims that his executive had misappropriated some union funds but advised the treasurer to follow the right procedure.’
    • ‘If a company's money is misappropriated by a director and paid into a bank account with a nil balance, however, tracing is possible.’
    • ‘This coincided with the dismissal of the Vice-Chancellor, his deputy, and the bursar, who had misappropriated University funds.’
    • ‘Where that money went and why it was misappropriated remain mysteries.’
    • ‘Several interviewers have found her house full of food, but she claims the food is for her husband, who once went to prison for misappropriating a pension fund.’
    • ‘After the high increase in council tax and an exceptional increase in essential services costs in rural areas, to give £1m or even £0.5m of our taxes to this project is misappropriating our money.’
    • ‘Most of the money, however, was misappropriated.’
    • ‘Suspecting that university officials were misappropriating the funds, students took over the catering.’
    • ‘It is disappointing that hard-earned public funds are misappropriated.’
    • ‘In this way, the officials allegedly find an opportunity to misappropriate public funds by preparing bogus muster rolls.’
    • ‘Going after these gains would help, but those ‘smart enough’ to have misappropriated company funds are also likely to have made recovery difficult.’
    • ‘It was essentially a sort of collaboration across both things and I completely reject the view that I was misappropriating money.’
    • ‘Ricardo has misappropriated your money and abandoned you here.’
    • ‘Certainly, no one is accusing the President of misappropriating the money or keeping it his personal bank account for any other reason than he says: to avoid red tape and make it easier to cash if or when it is needed.’
    • ‘When funds are misappropriated from a church, most parishioners express shock that something of this nature could ever occur in their church.’
    embezzle, expropriate, steal, thieve, pilfer, swindle, pocket, help oneself to, abscond with, make off with, have one's fingers in the till, have one's hand in the till
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