Definition of misallocate in English:



[with object]
  • Fail to allocate (something) efficiently or fairly.

    ‘monopoly is said to misallocate resources through the restriction of output’
    • ‘Among other problems, the corporate income tax misallocates capital between the corporate and noncorporate sectors, and the incidence of the tax - always in dispute - is perhaps more uncertain than ever.’
    • ‘But markets don't work properly when there are externalities; resources are misallocated, resulting in activities which are privately profitable but socially destructive.’
    • ‘The poor already suffer enough, so why go after them to scrape together a few misallocated dollars?’
    • ‘And it is surely the case that health care expenditures are often misallocated and wasteful.’
    • ‘Only then will China stop misallocating capital, the first step in creating the kind of balanced growth it says it wants.’
    • ‘Collapsing markets are in fact part of the process of ‘creative destruction’ in which capital that has been misallocated is wiped out and the way cleared for renewed expansion.’
    • ‘The borrowers who misallocated their investments share responsibility for the problems with the lenders, many of them international commercial banks which provided them with the money in the first place.’
    • ‘These well-meant but counterproductive measures served mainly to misallocate the available stock of grain.’
    • ‘Just as post-disaster tax dollars are regularly misallocated, the state's disaster prevention dollars will be diverted into political pork barrels and high-profile but ineffective projects.’
    • ‘In the course of the speculative cycle, resources are misallocated and financial crisis causes income, output, and employment to depart from the full employment path.’
    • ‘The premise is that traditional government bureaucracies systematically misallocate scarce resources.’
    • ‘Critics who claim that the biotech food industry benefits corporate agribusiness and misallocates scientific resources will find plenty of support for their arguments here.’
    • ‘Thus, free supply not only subsidizes the users at the expense of nonusing taxpayers; it also misallocates resources by failing to supply the service where it is most needed.’
    • ‘All too often the topline numbers look impressive, but the follow-through is weak - money is either misallocated or not spent at all.’
    • ‘But because share prices were based on distorted information, resources were misallocated.’
    • ‘In boardrooms across the country, but particularly in the telecommunications world, where billions of dollars had been grossly misallocated, the choice was between admitting the truth or shaving it, in hopes of muddling through.’
    • ‘Inflation not only raises prices, it also misallocates labor.’
    • ‘Resources would be misallocated to relatively risky activities; the increase in accident costs would constitute social waste.’
    • ‘We get on a team when we can see misallocated resources and missed opportunities.’
    • ‘Judging by the increasing police harassment of adult sex workers, it seems they are misallocating resources.’