Definition of misaddress in English:



[with object]
  • Address (a letter, parcel, email, etc.) wrongly.

    ‘a misaddressed email’
    • ‘In my defense it had been misaddressed and hadn't arrived until March, but that's still significantly bad I missed it.’
    • ‘This is typical of many misaddressed letters that we get through the Mail Centres on a regular basis.’
    • ‘It was a misaddressed e-mail she playfully responded to, soon leading into an epistolary intimacy, the way only letters and words can reveal each other.’
    • ‘A Reverse Non-Delivery Report attack occurs when the spammer takes advantage of a server's inherent ability to return email that is misaddressed.’
    • ‘Well as luck would have it, the beancounters misaddressed the finance reporting output, and it appears that our cost centre is over twenty thousand quid underspent this quarter - due to under-spending in the last quarter.’
    • ‘I keep getting misaddressed post meant for downstairs plonked on my doormat.’
    • ‘I happened to receive a piece of misaddressed email on the subject.’
    • ‘One you hear a lot about is ‘IP TTL’ (a part of the Internet Protocol specification where routers are supposed to subtract 1 from a header field, to prevent a misaddressed packet from floating around the Internet forever).’
    • ‘Unfortunately, as Doris misaddresses her letter, it only arrives on Friday.’
    • ‘South Dakota law says such a misaddressed ballot should simply be forwarded back to the original county.’
    • ‘The letter, although misaddressed, evidences a continuing attempt to achieve a settlement.’
    • ‘As you might gather, I've been getting a few misaddressed messages, so I thought I'd remind people about this.’