Definition of mirror glass in English:

mirror glass


mass noun
  • Glass with a reflective metallic coating, as used for mirrors.

    • ‘It retains its original mirror glass and an old finish.’
    • ‘Above the chest hangs a large English walnut-veneered and gilded looking glass retaining its original two-part beveled mirror glass.’
    • ‘The mirror glass varies in transparency and reflectiveness according to changes in illumination inside or outside the structure.’
    • ‘Splitting the glass surface simplified matters for the manufacturer too, because it was difficult to produce flawless mirror glass.’
    • ‘The six narrow vertical compartments, on either side of the full-length portraits on the North and South walls were filled with mirror glass (three plates in each panel).’
    • ‘The big empty hole will be filled with a piece of teal mirror glass, as a sort of lake.’
    • ‘From wall to wall and even up the side of the altar step stretch brilliantly flawless plates of mirror glass.’
    • ‘During the course of his career, he painted on copper, slate, and marble, as well as mirror glass.’
    • ‘By the seventeenth century, Venice and the island of Murano were exporting mirror glass throughout Europe and as far east as the Indian subcontinent.’
    • ‘The marbling could also be painted on the back of a framing pane of glass, which was then attached to the mirror glass.’
    • ‘The Bjorknas glasbruk was established outside Stockholm in 1736 to produce high-quality mirror glass.’
    • ‘Surviving examples are invariably fitted with a single, whole pane of mirror glass.’
    • ‘A frieze of colored glass, mirror glass, and decorative leading ran around the room, culminating in the virtuoso display of the double doors.’
    • ‘This measures the force required to pull the glass out of the mirror, ensuring that the mirror glass does not separate from the housing except when encountering an extremely unusual force - such as a severe accident.’
    • ‘I'd pictured this big hi-tech building covered in mirror glass with a smart, sparse reception and acres of rack-mounted servers.’
    • ‘Its massive size, elegant blockfront facade, extensive use of mahogany large plates of mirror glass, and imported brasses made this an expensive and no doubt valued piece.’
    • ‘Last year I wrote about the inspirational intervention piece by Langlands and Bell, in which they covered the floor of the 1873 William Burges chapel with mirror glass, to create one of the most memorable artworks of the past decade.’
    • ‘He was as compulsive as a crow in collecting materials, particularly mirror glass, which he filched from a local glass company's dumpster.’
    • ‘Do not place food tins, delph, pottery, crystal, light bulbs, drinking glasses, window or mirror glass in the bins.’
    • ‘The company provided services such as painting, plastering, wallpapering, and the making of mirror glass - standard aspects of the building trade.’