Definition of miro in English:


(also miro tree)


  • An evergreen coniferous New Zealand tree which yields useful timber.

    Prumnopitys ferruginea, family Podocarpaceae

    • ‘The philosophy was that instead of planting more pines, we would introduce rimu, kauri and miro that would have a 400-year lifespan, rather than 100.’
    • ‘The forest on the island is southern New Zealand podocarp mix with rimu, southern rata, kamahi, totara and miro.’
    • ‘If you take this 20 minute walk you will be rewarded by seeing the type of vegetation that once grew in the valley - lowland podocarp/silver beech forest, with large specimens of matai, miro, kahikatea and silver beech.’
    • ‘Trees in the bush include kahikitea, rimu, thin-barked totara, matai and miro.’
    • ‘The bird that feeds on the miro owns the forest.’


Mid 19th century: from Maori.