Definition of mirid in English:


Pronunciation /ˈmʌɪərɪd//ˈmɪrɪd/


  • An active plant bug of a large family that includes numerous plant pests.

    Family Miridae (formerly Capsidae), suborder Heteroptera

    Formerly called capsid
    • ‘The researchers found that populations of other cotton pests, particularly ones called mirids, have blossomed.’
    • ‘Together, these results support the idea that resident mirids serve in anti-herbivore defense for P. urostachyum plants.’
    • ‘The mirids differ between regions but they are a major problem in most cocoa growing regions.’
    • ‘In the subfamily Bryocorinae, the mirids are separated into two tribes, Monaloniini or Odoniellini.’
    • ‘If the proper pesticide had been used at the right time, the mirids could have been controlled in 2004, he said.’
    • ‘Much smaller populations of the mirids were present on those same farms in 2005 and 2006.’
    • ‘In the 25 days of observation, for example, 57 plants were found to harbor an average of 3.3 predatory mites, 16 plants contained nabids, and 30 plants contained mirids.’
    • ‘These results show that the mirid compromises waterhyacinth competitiveness, and validate the introduction of the mirid into South Africa.’
    • ‘Currently, mirid control relies on calendar spraying, which is both expensive and a huge challenge to cocoa sustainability.’
    • ‘Lindane, a highly poisonous organochlorine, is sprayed on crops of cacao plants growing in Ghana and other west African countries to control mirid bugs, which cause the plants to wilt.’
    • ‘This was also the first experiment to be inundated with high numbers of mirids on which to make control assessments.’
    • ‘Nymphal mirids are very tiny, delicate creatures which may not resemble the adults very much.’
    • ‘In the past, green mirids have apparently been controlled by standard Heliothis and Etiella sprays.’
    • ‘With a 0.25 precision level, the number of samples needed to detect low mirid densities was nearly double for the ten leaflet procedure than for the seven leaf procedure.’
    • ‘We have been evaluating different mirid sampling techniques to identify accurate mirid numbers to help growers decide which technique to use and when to control mirids.’


1940s: from modern Latin Miridae, from mirus ‘wonderful’.