Definition of miracle worker in English:

miracle worker


  • A person who seems to be able to perform miracles.

    ‘he is very good at his job, but he is not a miracle worker’
    ‘you're a miracle worker—how on earth did you cram everything in?’
    • ‘They are miracle workers and we can't thank then enough for all the care and attention they gave us.’
    • ‘We hope to finish and submit it to film festivals in July if we're miracle workers.’
    • ‘He is very good at his job, but he is not a miracle worker.’
    • ‘Those drugs are indeed miracle workers.’
    • ‘He is truly a miracle worker because the film doesn't look bad at all.’
    • ‘Dieticians are the real miracle workers in terms of managing the disease.’
    • ‘It doesn't happen overnight, we're not miracle workers.’
    • ‘We weren't miracle workers, but we had worked hard.’
    • ‘The man is a miracle worker with dogs, as far as I'm concerned.’
    • ‘They may not be miracle workers, but acupuncturists have brought relief to many ailing patients.’
    • ‘This exfoliator is a miracle worker on dry elbows and heels.’
    • ‘They won't catch up unless a miracle worker starts to operate.’