Definition of minyan in English:



  • 1A quorum of ten men over the age of 13 required for traditional Jewish public worship.

    • ‘Therefore, the regular Orders of Service should be recited, if possible, with a minyan of participants, defined in tradition as ten or more male Jews of the age of 13 or over.’
    • ‘My rabbi has a hard time getting a minyan together on Saturdays.’
    • ‘Yet he vowed to stay in Berlin so long as even a minyan was left, kept his vow, hence was deported to the Nazi Musterlager, Theresienstadt.’
    • ‘The Kaddish is to be recited only in the presence of a duly constituted quorum, a minyan, which consists of ten males above the age of Bar Mitzvah.’
    • ‘It has been increasingly difficult for the synagogues to attain a minyan - the 10 men required to conduct a service.’
    • ‘In 1267, he arrived in Jerusalem, where there were so few Jews at the time that he could not find ten men for a minyan in order to pray.’
    • ‘The only time he really got suddenly interested in reading something was when his mother died, and he tried to get a minyan together to read Kaddish for her.’
    • ‘The minimum number required for Jewish worship, a minyan, is ten.’
    • ‘In Mark's grandfather's apartment building, filled as it is with old Jewish residents, a minyan is not easy to come by: too many people are sick or atheists.’
    • ‘I am a heathen but will help make up a minyan if required, and said kaddish for my mother when she died.’
    • ‘I always find it inspiring to see minyanim gathering in airplanes and airport terminals.’
    • ‘When praying without a minyan, begin with the following three-word formula.’
    • ‘I couldn't believe that the year was almost over and of all things - being on the way to Israel to visit my widowed mother - I wasn't going to be able to find a minyan to say Kaddish.’
    • ‘During the shiva, the rabbi visited or called every day and the daily minyan came to our home.’
    • ‘I now have another reason to pray with a minyan each day.’
    • ‘Even in Israel, you'd be hard-pressed to find a minyan of people still composing and performing original music in Yiddish.’
    • ‘He said that when he committed himself to three things - praying everyday with a minyan, daily Torah learning and outreach to fellow Jews - his success at work skyrocketed.’
    • ‘While traveling, I was forced to have to pray on my own, and without a minyan.’
    • ‘The Conservative and Reconstructionist movements allow women in a minyan; the Reform movement does not require a minyan.’
    1. 1.1 A meeting of Jews for public worship.
      • ‘The hospital's synagogue is on the same floor as Plastic Surgery, only a few steps from the department, and the boys have already been making an effort to attend minyanim.’
      • ‘He joined a morning minyan and started putting on tefillin.’
      • ‘I told them all not to worry, and ‘Hey, it's a good thing maybe now I can get to morning minyan.’’
      • ‘Finally, after years of ignoring this yearning deep inside, I made the decision that just for one day I would do the right thing and make it to minyan.’
      • ‘Even the simplest routines are hard to return to after shiva, such as attending the first minyan in shul or the first P.T.A. meeting at a child's school etc.’


Mid 18th century: from Hebrew minyān, literally ‘reckoning’.