Definition of minute hand in English:

minute hand


  • The hand on a watch or clock which indicates minutes.

    • ‘As the minute hand edged closer to quitting time, relief swept through her.’
    • ‘Many of us drag ourselves to work only to watch the minute hand inch its way to five o'clock.’
    • ‘Because the watch lacks a minute hand, one's tardiness becomes an eternal condition.’
    • ‘If you grow up in a school that had a big clock over the door, the bottom of the hour has a certain power - when the minute hand begins its climb up from the basement of the Six, the hour is practically over.’
    • ‘Ryan leant on a wall, watching the clock's minute hands tick slowly by.’
    • ‘Molly stared at the clock, silently willing the minute hand to move faster.’
    • ‘Chicago, February 27, 2002: The Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists move the minute hand of the Doomsday Clock from nine to seven minutes to midnight.’
    • ‘He watched as the minute hand of the clock reached the number twelve.’
    • ‘She waited until the door was closed and the minute hand had moved a few spaces on her watch before she crept out and down the stairs.’
    • ‘I swear, near the end of any class, every five minutes I'd check the progress of the minute hand across the face of my watch.’
    • ‘She looked impatiently at the clock again but it seemed like the minute hand hadn't moved at all.’
    • ‘Household clocks for the wealthy were common by the mid 17th century, but clocks with minute hands only became widespread at the end of the century, and precise pieces were only available at the end of the 18th century.’
    • ‘The length of the hour hand is 23 inches and that of the minute hand is 41 inches while the size of the figures is 12 inches, each.’
    • ‘Quite simply, the hour hand is long and the minute hand is short.’
    • ‘I had to clock in and out every day and most mornings it was a photo finish at the time clock - I'd make it just before the minute hand would bounce past the hour.’
    • ‘Now every clock had a minute hand and most would soon have second hands as well.’
    • ‘The heritage clocks, made by Gillet & Bland Steam Clock Factory Manufacturers, have 20-inch long hour hands and 41-inch-long minute hands, both of which are made out of copper plates and powder-coated.’
    • ‘He took a regular analog wall clock and removed the hour and minute hands.’
    • ‘At this stage, a minute hand was added to clocks.’
    • ‘In the grandfather clock, it's a system of gears that converts the pendulum period into appropriate speeds to move the second hand, minute hand, and hour hand.’


minute hand