Definition of mint sauce in English:

mint sauce


mass noun
  • Chopped spearmint in vinegar and sugar, traditionally eaten with lamb.

    • ‘We didn't mention that they could serve lamb with mint sauce, because we didn't want to put them off.’
    • ‘She doesn't sell French farmhouse cheeses or fresh bread, but British staples, including English tea, Marmite, custard powder, mint sauce and British-style bangers and bacon.’
    • ‘Small side dishes came with English mustard, horseradish sauce and mint sauce.’
    • ‘Fiercely rare lamb chops were promptly and cheerfully redone to medium-rare, and their iffy-sounding mint sauce proved to be a tart-sweet demiglaze that didn't cloy.’
    • ‘Easter is when we eat the new lamb - a roasted leg or shoulder served with mint sauce and potatoes in Britain, or a whole roasted lamb or kid in Italy and Greece.’
    • ‘It broke under the slightest provocation from my fork and combined with the gravy and optional mint sauce, left a satisfying taste in the mouth.’
    • ‘Following that, there were some steamed crabs that made their way to my plate, and then to get away from the totally seafood theme, we dined on a beautifully tender roast lamb, with mint sauce of course.’
    • ‘We do have a home made, sugar free mint sauce and a home made oil and fat free vinaigrette salad dressing.’
    • ‘Top green chili and mint sauce with one lobster ball.’
    • ‘Apparently in France this concept of putting mint sauce on perfectly good lamb brings about howls of laughter and derision.’
    • ‘Vanessa says you always moan when the mint dies down and you can't get decent mint sauce to go with your roast lamb.’
    • ‘Daily specials revolve around his roasts - on that evening, lamb and mint sauce for 285 baht, or beef and Yorkshire pud at 195 baht.’
    • ‘Thus it was outshone by a lovely thick loin of rosy Stobo lamb in a tremendous rosemary and mint sauce which managed to be rich and concentrated yet not sticky.’
    • ‘On this occasion she ordered the roast leg of lamb with mint sauce.’
    • ‘The rack of lamb was decent as lamb goes, despite being bathed in a brothlike substance called ‘zucchini mint sauce.’’
    • ‘In England mint sauce is served with roast lamb.’
    • ‘The most popular traditional dinner entrée is roast lamb with mint sauce, typically served with roasted potatoes, roast kumara (New Zealand's sweet potato), and roast pumpkin.’
    • ‘For £1 we got ourselves the pickle tray, incorporating the usual delights of mango chutney, curry paste, cucumber and mint sauce, and more besides.’
    • ‘In his haste to serve her, he dropped the salvers of mint sauce and gravy into her lap.’
    • ‘Serve roast lamb and vegetables with steamed green vegetables, gravy, and mint sauce.’