Definition of mint master in English:

mint master


  • A superintendent at a mint.

    • ‘The mint master mark and the mintmark appear respectively on the left and the right hand sides of the year mark.’
    • ‘Foreign mint masters were invited to enter the Russian service: A. Schultz, G. Reibis, J. Kupij, and J. Hedlinger (Sweden).’
    • ‘It was in the 17th century that the practice of depositing coins and bullion with goldsmiths, moneychangers, mint masters etc started.’
    • ‘As the son-in-law of John Hull, a silversmith and mint master, Sewall lived his adult life surrounded by such objects.’
    • ‘The Silver Institute has been meeting with the various mint masters of several countries in an effort to encourage the development of silver coinage programs.’’
    • ‘From the Pondus Caroli the mint masters of those times had to mint 240 deniers weighting 1.7 gr each.’
    • ‘In order to give the illusion that the money was still ‘good’, the mint masters hit upon a clever idea used by silversmiths.’
    • ‘The magistrates soon began to suspect that the mint master would have the best of the bargain.’
    • ‘She recalls to SundayBiz in an interview that in her first meeting with fellow mint masters from other countries, she was the only female and was mistaken for a guest instead of a delegate.’
    • ‘France, Luxembourg, Netherlands and Monaco bear a changing mint master mark, however, the location on the coin design itself does not change, nor the overall symbolization of the marks as new mint master marks are produced.’
    • ‘This koban, minted by a warlord, is stamped with the value of the coin and the name of the mint master.’
    • ‘Royals, or Imperials, as they were first called by the salvors of the 1960's, who were the first to recover these magnificent coins, may have been examples of the mint masters ability to strike a round coin, of proper or near proper weight and showing all of the detail inscribed upon the full face of the die.’
    • ‘The show that this method implicitly encouraged the mint masters to produce low quality coins in such a way that the crown earned rents and we measure these rents.’
    • ‘The project for this database was developed during the research about the mint of Maccagno Inferiore, in order to classify the names of the mint masters who worked there and to follow their presence in other mints.’
    • ‘On Christmas Day in 1124, Henry I punished all the mint masters at the Assize of Winchester in England by cutting off their right hands in a novel approach to quality improvement.’
    • ‘Between 1555 and 1561 two mint masters of Zurich struck more than 9 million coins - then an enormous number.’
    • ‘The second anecdote maintains that John Hull had made such profits as mint master, that when his daughter wed Samuel Sewall, Hull purportedly offered a dowry equal to her weight in silver.’