Definition of minotaur beetle in English:

minotaur beetle


  • A black Eurasian dung beetle with three horns on the thorax, living in sandy areas.

    Typhaeus typhoeus, family Geotrupidae

    • ‘As his subject, Palmer turned to Typhoeus typhoeus, commonly known as the minotaur beetle.’
    • ‘Beetle researcher, conservationist and CNHS member, Maria has played a leading role in coordinating information about Colchester's stag beetles and is now researching minotaur beetles on Hilly Fields.’
    • ‘The minotaur beetle is a spectacular dung beetle of heaths, moorlands and mountains, especially in the north and west of the British Isles.’
    • ‘The star find was a male minotaur beetle - this fantastic shiny black beetle has 3 big horns sticking out over its head.’
    • ‘On 19th October, I was walking on Dunwich Heath and came across a large number of male minotaur beetles, Typhaeus typhoeus, on a short stretch of sandy path about 30 yards in total.’
    • ‘Unlike other heathland beetles, such as the dor and minotaur beetles, the tiger beetle is fast.’