Definition of minivet in English:



  • A boldly patterned Asian cuckoo-shrike (songbird), the male of which is typically red and black, and the female yellow and grey.

    Genus Pericrocotus, family Campephagidae: several species

    • ‘A short walk along the naval base yielded many interesting bird species including a pair of common grey hornbills, spotted owlets, small minivets, shikra & Common Iora to name a few.’
    • ‘It is common to see such rare birds as the blue-coated flycatcher, the crimson-breasted barbet, the scarlet minivet and even the Paradise flycatcher, and there is an abundance of Golden Oriole.’
    • ‘Across Asia, in our enthusiasm to subdue farm posts, we have unwittingly let loose a chemical war on all living things, including eagles and minivets.’
    • ‘The participants were divided into four groups - ‘bulbuls,’ ‘minivets, ‘shamas’ and ‘drongos’.’
    • ‘There were calls of Sunbirds, flowerpeckers, Ioras, drongos, minivets.’
    • ‘A flash of red and black above and she whispers again, ‘Scarlet minivet!’’


Mid 19th century: of unknown origin.