Definition of Minister without Portfolio in English:

Minister without Portfolio


  • (in the UK and some other countries) a government minister who has cabinet status, but is not in charge of a specific department of state.

    • ‘Premier Yu Shyi-kun yesterday appointed Minister without Portfolio Huang Hui-chen as the director-general of the Government Information Office, effective Tuesday.’
    • ‘A member of the National Assembly until his death, he was a Minister without Portfolio 1945-6, and Deputy Prime Minister 1946-7, but then the other parties began to shun the Communist Party as a result of the onset of the cold war.’
    • ‘According to the Government statement, Minister without Portfolio Filiz Hyusmenova, who chairs the committee, emphasised the need to insure property against such disasters.’
    • ‘Responding to rumors that the Cabinet might cancel the summit, Minister without Portfolio Hu Sheng-cheng, who is in charge of coordinating the event, dismissed the speculation yesterday.’
    • ‘The prime focus of the criticism was Effi Eitam, who now becomes head of the NRP and Minister without Portfolio, as well as a full voting member of the national security cabinet.’
    • ‘Swapo stalwart Ngarikutuke Tjiriange, Party Secretary General, gets to be Minister without Portfolio, and it's generally assumed he is already past his sell-by date.’
    • ‘Chang received an official seal yesterday from Minister without Portfolio Yeh Jiunn-rong, who said Chang had been praised by legislators and the public for his experience in the environmental sector.’
    • ‘The apology was accepted and Hendrickse remained in the Cabinet as a Minister without Portfolio.’
    • ‘The other Cabinet members honored were Ministers without Portfolio Tsai Ching-yen, Chen Chi-nan and Yeh Jiunn-rong.’
    • ‘Joining us now to talk about that is Natan Sharansky, Minister without Portfolio in the government of Israel.’
    • ‘Wu also attacked Tang for assigning the Cabinet's secretary-general Wea Chi-lin and Minister without Portfolio Chang Yu-hui, regarded as traitors by the KMT, to negotiate with the KMT-dominated legislature.’
    • ‘Iap was reassigned from the GIO top job yesterday and will be replaced by Minister without Portfolio Huang Hui-chen.’
    • ‘In 1957 he retired but five years later returned as Minister without Portfolio in the Cabinet.’
    • ‘Shastri also resigned, but returned to the Cabinet as Minister without Portfolio and the Prime Minister's right-hand man when Nehru suffered a stroke.’
    • ‘He served as Minister without Portfolio, Minister of Local Government and Minister of Health.’
    • ‘Shuleva said that she had no information that such a deal had been closed and that Minister without Portfolio Filiz Hyusmenova was responsible for the control of the State Reserve.’
    • ‘As the premier on Friday appointed Minister without Portfolio Hsu Chih-hsiung to lead the investigation into the notarization issue, Hsu said the focus won't be the alleged ties between Wang and Chien.’
    • ‘The idea was first brought up by Minister without Portfolio Yeh Jiunn-rong, the leader of Taiwan's delegation to the summit, in Johannesburg last week before coming home.’
    • ‘Russell was to be Foreign Secretary, Palmerston Home Secretary, Gladstone Chancellor, Lansdowne Minister without Portfolio.’
    • ‘After two years of working on reconstruction projects in quake-stricken regions of central Taiwan, Minister without Portfolio Huang Jong-tsun will finally return to education circles.’