Definition of minigolf in English:



mass noun
  • An informal version of golf played on a small putting course, each hole of which involves negotiating an obstacle such as a small-scale tunnel, bridge, hill, etc.

    • ‘And then you're really playing minigolf, and there's not a whole hell of a lot you can do about it.’
    • ‘So tick some boxes this summer - be they on ballot papers (little shout-out to our American friends, there) or our ‘Things to do Before You Die’ lists, or a minigolf score card.’
    • ‘All of the amenities are at hand, including tennis courts, squash, minigolf, windsurfing, pedal boats, kayaks, water-skiing, parasailing, scuba diving and fitness areas.’
    • ‘The cruise had a swimming pool, restaurants, gyms, a minigolf course, self-contained rooms, a spa and a sauna.’
    • ‘I played minigolf in Feilding on Sunday, for the first time since I was a school uniform clad teen.’
    • ‘These ships feature enormous - up to 15,000-square-foot - health and fitness complexes, complete with rock-climbing wall, basketball and volleyball court, jogging track and nine- or 18-hole minigolf course.’
    • ‘However, this isn't your regular minigolf game, it uses creative and sometimes awkward courses that you certainly wouldn't find at your favourite miniature golf course.’
    • ‘While the game provides players with a lot to do - puzzle solving, fighting, collecting items and even a minigolf game - all of which should keep kids busy and amused for a lengthy period of time, the game does get repetitive after a while.’
    • ‘Marcie won the minigolf, but I was the only person who got a hole-in-one, and the nice man gave me a certificate.’
    • ‘Unfortunately Sport New Zealand refuses to recognise more than one variant of a sport, regarding minigolf as a golf variant.’
    • ‘But for me it is the sportsmanship, sense of fair play and friendly nature in which minigolf is played that set it apart from other, more commercialised sports.’
    • ‘It's isolated enough that you can spend a tranquil day lolling and splashing on beaches that are largely free of yahoos, yet a South Yarmouth cottager is presented with plenty of opportunities to play 18 holes of pirate-themed minigolf.’
    • ‘‘What they are looking for is friends and here they have it,’ she said, surrounded by laughter as big and small engaged in a series of activities including water balloon fights, bocce, soccer and minigolf.’
    • ‘‘There's volleyball and I think minigolf out back,’ Michelle said while munching on her cake.’
    • ‘There was a kids' club where I did archery, swimming and minigolf.’