Definition of minidisc in English:



  • A disc having a format similar to a small CD but able to record sound or data as well as play it back.

    • ‘I would love to use a minidisc to record my research interviews, and then transfer them digitally to my computer, so that I can easily access them and highlight interesting segments.’
    • ‘That explains their similar crusades against reel-to-reel home tape recorders, cassettes, DATs, minidiscs, VHS and even MTV - which they eventually had to accept, just as file-swapping will surely defeat the legislators and lawyers.’
    • ‘It concerns the minidisc format, about which I know very little other than that Sony has made it less than simple to transfer recordings off a minidisc and onto another format.’
    • ‘Hmmm… minidiscs are actually magnetic media, although they're digital, as opposed to conventional cassette tapes, which are analogue.’
    • ‘We were a little unsure about this boast at first; after all, the PSP takes new format UMD discs, and history is littered with failed formats like betamax or minidiscs.’