Definition of minicom in English:



  • A small electronic typewriter and screen linked to a telephone system, enabling people with hearing or speech difficulties to send and receive messages.

    • ‘For deaf and hard of hearing enquiries, the helpline will offer minicom access at a local rate on 0845 070 4003.’
    • ‘We have a minicom for use by deaf people.’
    • ‘One patient said that she used an acoustic coupler with the telephone, and another three used a minicom.’
    • ‘If you have any enquiries and use a minicom or textphone, phone Balham Library on 8871 7195 to use this service.’
    • ‘Three agencies made provision for minicom or textphone users (a free service primarily for the hearing handicapped).’
    • ‘Anyone who has used a minicom knows how slow, tedious and cumbersome the communication process can be.’
    • ‘Walking back into the town centre, Simon spotted that several of the public telephones had been installed with a new minicom system.’