Definition of mini-roundabout in English:



  • A small traffic roundabout, indicated by road markings or a very low island.

    • ‘The mini-roundabout at the junction of the Newport Street and Devizes Road was replaced with lights at a cost of £142,000 as part of a bus priority scheme from the Wroughton park and ride.’
    • ‘But from the results I would say it looks like the mini-roundabout and one-way traffic calming option are the preferred two but we haven't decided yet what will be introduced.’
    • ‘Some limits will be mandatory, with traffic calming measures such as road humps and mini-roundabouts or traffic islands to force down traffic speeds.’
    • ‘I suggested to the Council that they should put a mini-roundabout at the junction of Cottingley Cliffe Road and Moor Road but it fell on deaf ears.’
    • ‘More than £500,000 will be pumped into the Bradford Council programme which will see speed limits reduced and traffic signals and mini-roundabouts installed at notorious stretches of road and junctions.’
    • ‘Measures to slow down traffic include a number of humps, little islands that form slaloms, mini-roundabouts, and new traffic lights.’
    • ‘They are already looking into plans to install Pocklington's first set of traffic lights with a pedestrian crossing at the mini-roundabout in Railway Street.’
    • ‘And the system doesn't always pick up on mini-roundabouts and crossroads where you need to go straight on and so doesn't give you any directions there.’
    • ‘These measures, over a half-mile stretch of road, include road humps, rumble strips, pinch points, mini-roundabouts, traffic tables and reflectors at a staggering cost of £160,000 to taxpayers.’
    • ‘It wants to introduce waiting restrictions in Sandbrook Way between the new Edinburgh Way traffic lights and the mini-roundabout on the park.’
    • ‘Entry to the site will be via a new signal-controlled junction with Bradford Road and a new mini-roundabout at the end of Pond Street.’
    • ‘A second initiative would mean the possible installation of mini-roundabouts at the junction of Maldon Road and Maltings Lane and near to Benton Hall Golf Club.’
    • ‘I find that, even on the day when the detective did not notice him, the father was there along the route, albeit at a different point namely, in G - Road near the mini-roundabout.’
    • ‘Road humps, mini-roundabouts, lane narrowing and no-parking zones will be implemented in Millhouses, Sheffield, after a big consultation exercise with residents showed backing for the plans.’
    • ‘Councillors are planning to install speed bumps and a mini-roundabout to deter rush-hour traffic from using East Bierley as a rat-run.’
    • ‘The Tewkesbury Residents' Association wants to see the mini-roundabout at the junction of Bredon Road, Mythe Road and High Street moved.’
    • ‘Steven was driving quite fast and going over the mini-roundabouts down Straight Road was quite painful.’
    • ‘The success is due to £140,000-plus measures including a 30 mph limit, two mini-roundabouts, pedestrian crossings, cycle lanes, safety zones and four speed cameras.’
    • ‘People visiting the exhibition are being handed leaflets listing all the options open to the council, including chicanes, mini-roundabouts and road humps.’
    • ‘The centre has a small car park, which makes manoeuvres difficult for pupils, and it leads out on to the hazardous mini-roundabout on Dock Road.’