Definition of mingy in English:



  • 1Mean.

    ‘you've been too mingy with the sunscreen’
    • ‘I can think of about a million things I'd rather do than enjoy the delights of small shops - mingy people on the counter, out of date products, an appalling attitude to such matters as refunds and dissatisfaction with what you've bought.’
    • ‘He's a mean, mingy quasi nutcase curmudgeon who threatens players, gives them cold pricklies, and who demands attention to things like gameplan, tactics, and skills.’
    • ‘I was feeling a bit mingy and I bought the cheaper beads when I was in NY.’
    • ‘Provocatively mingy tax cuts seem to have caused black affront on a scale to surprise even the Nats.’
    • ‘Well this throws the two Hadassah ladies off, as I put a mingy $2 in their donation box.’
    • ‘Tristan is an opera with no place for mingy bourgeois compromise.’
    • ‘The almost ostentatiously mingy tax cuts, and the general theme of not Jam Tomorrow, but Jam the Day After Tomorrow, If You're All Very Good, seem to have played right into the Opposition's hands.’
    • ‘Sometimes she opined He was maybe a little skraps - mingy - in the dishing out of common sense, which she said was not really that common after all.’
    • ‘Even the power smirk, which we haven't seen much of since he was - unfairly - blamed for single-handedly jeopardising Labour's election chances with his mingy Budget, is back.’
    • ‘Attending pro tours is not for the mingy and tight-fisted, and a couple of times when Sharath applied to the government for at least a portion of the funds, the assistance came - but too late.’
    thrifty, economical, frugal, canny, careful, prudent, cautious, abstemious, saving, energy-efficient, energy-saving, fuel-efficient, fuel-saving, scrimping, parsimonious
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    1. 1.1 Undesirably small.
      ‘a mingy kitchenette’
      • ‘The few mingy scraps of surviving forest were eerily silent, but once they crossed the borders of the MURC-controlled zone the vegetation closed around them with the density of a cave.’
      • ‘It was fourteen dollars, for two coffees and two mingy blondies, which he paid without flinching, even leaving the change from his twenty in the concessionaire's plastic cup.’
      • ‘Screen goddesses like Rita Hayworth or Ava Gardner could have tucked one of those mingy little girls from Friends into their cleavage and still had room for Errol Flynn's accordion.’
      trivial, unimportant, insignificant, inconsequential, petty, minor, of little account, of no account, of little consequence, of no consequence, not worth mentioning, not worth bothering about, light, footling, fiddling, pettifogging, incidental
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Early 20th century: perhaps a blend of mean and stingy.