Definition of mineworker in English:



  • A person who works in a mine, especially a coal mine.

    • ‘Thousands of Zimbabwean mineworkers from mines owned by Rio Tinto have gone on strike to demand a 150 percent salary increment.’
    • ‘Hundreds of coal mineworkers descended on Sydney this morning for a march on Australian Industrial Relations Commission over a decision they fear will costs lives.’
    • ‘At its peak in 1911, the colliery employed 2,700 mineworkers, though only 250 of these were indigenous to Warsop Vale.’
    • ‘More than 160 mineworkers at the Pasminco Rosebery mine in Tasmania went on strike for 48 hours last Sunday.’
    • ‘Pressure last night mounted on the Government to end the shame of some former mineworkers crippled by coal dust being denied proper compensation.’
    • ‘The supervisors have a statutory responsibility for the health and safety of mineworkers, so if the strikes go ahead, pits are expected to close.’
    • ‘But these sectarian Baptists find their interests intertwined with the mineworkers, many of whom are their fellow members or clergy.’
    • ‘Billiton disposed of its precious metals assets to Gencor - which is still listed on the Johannesburg Securities Exchange - and many of the gold mines that the diseased mineworkers were employed at have ceased operation.’
    • ‘Sixty mineworkers defied a Coal Industry Tribunal order this week to disband their picket line outside Wesfarmers Premier Coal in Collie, Western Australia.’
    • ‘The Commission ordered the reinstatement of all 16 coal mineworkers along with full back pay to July 1998.’
    • ‘The last serious strike by mineworkers was at the former Tsumeb Copper Limited mine in 1997, just before it was liquidated.’
    • ‘Mozambican women have been sold as wives and domestic labourers to mineworkers, babies are trafficked for adoption and people are trafficked for ritual muti killings.’
    • ‘There are mineworkers hoping to become nurses, police officers, prison officers, driving instructors and yacht skippers.’
    • ‘On 16 December a march of several thousand mineworkers converged on Rothbury in an effort to prevent the resumption of work, but were refused admission to the mine.’
    • ‘The latest report by mine management said eight mineworkers were alive, four had died and two were seriously injured and had been separated from the group.’
    • ‘In 1920 black mineworkers staged a major stoppage following the arrest of two miners.’
    • ‘If the closures go ahead, hundreds more coal mineworkers and their families in hard hit regions will be thrown on the industrial scrapheap.’
    • ‘The Hunter Valley decision comes just three months after Rio Tinto was found guilty of victimising coal mineworkers at its Blair Athol mine in Central Queensland in June 1998.’
    • ‘At Harmony Gold, 9,000 mineworkers at the mine backed the one-day strike, closing down operations.’
    • ‘My father died from mineworkers ' pneumoconiosis and my father-in-law died of emphysema.’