Definition of minesweeper in English:



  • A ship or aircraft equipped for detecting and removing or destroying explosive mines.

    • ‘Hmas Bathurst was the lead ship of a class of Australian designed and built minesweepers, more commonly known as corvettes.’
    • ‘Her path had been cleared by six British and four American minesweepers and minehunters, and teams of British, American and Australian divers.’
    • ‘Not a large field, it was enough Nerger hoped to cause alarm and tie up valuable warships and minesweepers,’
    • ‘After four days of paddling almost 100 miles upriver, the remaining two canoes reached the German ships and set their mines, flooding four cargo ships and damaging a minesweeper.’
    • ‘The Taiwanese navy could acquire new fleets of the most advanced diesel/electric submarines, minesweepers and minelayers and waves of high-speed torpedo boats.’
    • ‘The wreck in question was discovered by a Navy minesweeper in 1995 and identified as the AHS following local advice.’
    • ‘In the Royal Navy, 116 Ton Class minesweepers were delivered between 1953 and 1960.’
    • ‘The Royal Navy committed four minesweepers to the operation.’
    • ‘At sea, he served in a battleship, an aircraft carrier, in cruisers, destroyers, frigates, and a minesweeper.’
    • ‘A Royal Navy frigate or minesweeper could be on station as well with twenty-four hours' notification.’
    • ‘Royal Navy minesweepers have been competing for the award of excellence since the 1970s when it was inaugurated by the original sponsors, Thomson Marconi Sonar Ltd.’
    • ‘When World War II broke out he was serving as a Lieutenant Commander in the Royal Navy minesweeper HMS Gleaner, but was posted soon after to the repair ship HMS Resource as First Lieutenant.’
    • ‘The estuary and Khawr waterway have been combed by helicopters hauling mine detectors on sledges, and by minesweepers and minehunters, while Chatham's helicopter provided air support.’
    • ‘The convoy was protected by three destroyers, a minesweeper, two corvettes and a trawler as it left Scotland.’
    • ‘A number were obtained from the Soviet Union, beginning in 1976, including Kashin-class destroyers, Nanuchka missile boats, minesweepers, and a tanker.’
    • ‘At the start of the war it comprised just 8 small coastal vessels; by its end it had 10 sloops, 3 frigates, 4 corvettes, 17 minesweepers, and a number of smaller warships, and it also had a landing craft wing of 41 boats.’
    • ‘These were to include a close escort of six destroyers, four corvettes, three minesweepers, four armed trawlers and two ack-ack ships.’
    • ‘The first Indian missile boat attack occurred on 4-5 December, from the south; it sank a destroyer and a coastal minesweeper.’
    • ‘Several thousand underwater mines were placed in the Gulf waters during the first Gulf War, and even though U.S. and coalition minesweepers removed more than 13,000 mines from the Gulf, some could still remain.’
    • ‘The two minesweepers became the first two ships of the Fijian Navy and were recommissioned as HMFS Kiro and HMFS Kula.’