Definition of mineralize in English:


(also mineralise)


  • 1Convert (organic matter) wholly or partly into a mineral or inorganic material or structure.

    ‘the aim is to mineralize the chlorinated and aromatic hydrocarbons’
    ‘the mineralized remains of organisms’
    • ‘Understanding of how mineralized materials formed leads to deciphering complex microstructures or diagenetic changes that have occurred in our fossils.’
    • ‘These authors speculated that blow wells had eroded, rotated and mineralized the coal balls through a hydrological connection through the seam floor to the sea.’
    • ‘The most complete mummified dinosaur to be described in 70 years, the fossil includes three-dimensional, mineralized casts of the animal's right shoulder muscle, throat tissue, and skin.’
    • ‘Nitrogen also will be mineralized from soil organic matter.’
    • ‘In this study, the reported compactness values used for all calculations include all mineralized tissues (calcified cartilage and bone).’
    • ‘The relatively low-quality plant litter mineralizes nitrogen at a slower rate than would occur in the absence of herbivory.’
    • ‘A few tens of millions of years later, in the Cambrian period, the first mineralized coral-like organisms appeared.’
    • ‘The rate at which nitrogen is mineralized from the soil organic matter pool is an important rate-limiting step in the cycling of nitrogen in terrestrial systems.’
    • ‘These minerals may inflame and mineralize renal tissue, causing further kidney damage.’
    • ‘The outer layer of enamel is an extremely hard, highly mineralized, crystalline structure that covers and protects the crown of the tooth.’
    • ‘Tillage helps mineralize nitrogen and phosphorus, cycling it from less available forms into ones that crops can readily use.’
    • ‘In contrast, fossilized bone is believed to be completely mineralized, meaning no organics are present.’
    • ‘By demonstrating that soft tissue can be mineralised in the laboratory we had discovered a new approach to investigating this important mode of fossilisation.’
    • ‘To produce bone, nature uses organic molecules to organize inorganic components that become mineralized through additional chemical reactions.’
    • ‘Litter with high concentrations of lignin or other recalcitrant compounds mineralizes nitrogen more slowly than does litter with more labile carbon compounds.’
    • ‘Why did some of them choose infaunal life at approximately the same time that other organisms developed mineralized skeletons?’
    • ‘A few mineralized animal fossils, including sponge spicules and probable worm tubes, are known from the Vendian period immediately preceding the Cambrian.’
    • ‘Inorganic sulphur forms are immobilized to organic sulphur, different organosulphur forms are interconverted, and immobilized sulphur is simultaneously mineralized to yield plant-available inorganic sulphur.’
    • ‘Under field conditions at both Blacktail and Crystal, [less than] 1% of total nitrogen was mineralized from May to October 1995.’
    • ‘The scientists noted that the tissue extracted from the mice had all of the hallmarks of normal bone, including organized collagen fibers and various mineralized components.’
    1. 1.1 Impregnate (water or another liquid) with a mineral substance.
      ‘it is delicately mineralized and like any other mineral water has no calories at all’
      • ‘Prevalent is the slightly mineralised water of various physical-and-chemical composition, biologically active microelements, temperature, and healing features.’
      • ‘She splashed the heavily mineralized water on her face, the paint readily retiring.’
      • ‘The underground network is like a microscopic canal system carrying mineralized water.’
      • ‘The mineralized water in salmon spawning grounds allows the fish to grow faster and healthier than those in non-karst streams.’
      • ‘Iraq depends on importing specialised equipment, and some chemicals, to purify its water supply, most of which is heavily mineralised, and frequently brackish to saline.’
      • ‘It had to depend on importing specialised equipment and purification chemicals, since water is ‘heavily mineralised and frequently brackish’.’
      • ‘Cold seep communities thrive on cooler, mineralized water leaking from the muddy sea floor.’
      • ‘The water is clear, colourless, palatable, odourless, mildly mineralised, and contains hydro carbonates of sodium and small quantities of fluorine.’
      • ‘Situated in the green foothills of the Lyulin Mountain, at an altitude of 630-640m the place offers slightly mineralised waters with hypothermal, hydrocarbonic sulphate and sodium-free composition.’
      • ‘Here is every cave formation you could hope to see: stalactites, stalagmites, columns, and curtains, all created from mineralized water that drips off the cavern's limestone ceiling and puddles on the limestone floor.’
      • ‘The mineral water is light, clear and slightly mineralised with a temperature of 37 to 52°C.’
      • ‘The 25-acre site, which includes 3500 trees, has only five houses, and residents get their drinking water by collecting it from the conservatory roofs before it is then filtered and mineralised.’