Definition of mine working in English:

mine working


usually mine workings
  • A mine or part of a mine from which minerals are being or have been extracted.

    ‘the surrounding area is mostly old mine workings’
    • ‘During deep mining, water is pumped to the surface from below ground to prevent flooding of mine workings.’
    • ‘The mine workings occupy much of the west side of an isolated low hill.’
    • ‘We pass abandoned mine workings.’
    • ‘The ancient mine workings are mostly open-cut trenches of up to a few metres in depth.’
    • ‘A great gash half way up the steep, marks the site of old mine workings.’
    • ‘The pumps were installed to pump out the accumulating water that was constantly seeping into the mine workings.’
    • ‘On the higher slopes of the reserve you can find the shafts of the old mine workings.’
    • ‘The surrounding area is mostly old mine workings.’
    • ‘The lighthouse was built in 1900 when the mining company needed to extend the mine workings further seaward.’
    • ‘Many died slaving in the mine workings.’