Definition of mindlessly in English:



  • 1Without justification and with no concern for the consequences.

    ‘gangs of yobs roam the streets mindlessly vandalizing property’
    • ‘During a game, he mindlessly shouted slurs at a fan.’
    • ‘The family is asking the federal court system to decide that the law—as mindlessly anti-child and anti-family as it anti-gay—is unconstitutional.’
    • ‘They aren't mindlessly violent, merely a bit dim.’
    • ‘This habit of mindlessly raging at others is reprehensible from the standpoint of courtesy and respect for others.’
    • ‘Since we always mindlessly use taxpayer money to bail out every idiot who takes an expensive risk, let's get some money up front by selling them insurance first.’
    • ‘Whoever wants to mindlessly jettison the structures that have held peace does so at their peril.’
    • ‘You don't mindlessly shout down those who disagree with you as so many others do.’
    • ‘A young lad and his girlfriend were mindlessly attacked by a large group of grown men.’
    • ‘The area is being filled with debris from construction sites, thanks to the Building Authority's mindlessly permitting apartment and housing complexes.’
    • ‘Yes, there is a crime problem, but mindlessly increasing penalties isn't the solution.’
    1. 1.1 Without thinking or using one's intelligence.
      ‘reporters have mindlessly repeated this obviously false story’
      ‘I just stare mindlessly into space’
      • ‘Keep a log of how much time gets spent mindlessly chatting online instead of doing something important.’
      • ‘Mueller glances mindlessly at his watch.’
      • ‘Others view practice as just a time to mindlessly exercise their fingers.’
      • ‘I end up mindlessly walking around the office, probably annoying the hell out of my fellow employees.’
      • ‘To challenge the player more, we'll not always allow the player to mindlessly click through every conversation option.’
      • ‘Smart guards in lobbies have been replaced by less-skilled employees who mindlessly check photo IDs.’
      • ‘It's as if some god has decreed what the accepted wisdom must be, and all but a few dissidents happily and mindlessly repeat it.’
      • ‘She turned around the corner only to collide with Dan, who was mindlessly walking to his room with a newspaper in hand.’
      • ‘I just couldn't see how she could sit there mindlessly, without ever trying to make intelligent conversation or even changing her facial expressions.’
      • ‘Archival footage shows a handsome, shirtless man mindlessly opening and closing lockers in what looks like a mental hospital.’