Definition of minder in English:



  • 1A person whose job it is to look after someone or something.

    in combination ‘a baby-minder’
    • ‘They are now feeding themselves, but until recently they had to be hand fed and, to prevent them ‘imprinting’ on their human minders, they were being fed by a glove puppet in the shape of a mother Great Bustard.’
    • ‘The faithful minders and carers might now need a summer camp for themselves, but well done all round.’
    • ‘Committed by parents, teachers, priests or minders it undermines trust and dependency, disrupts relations with authority figures and can interfere with loving and learning.’
    • ‘They have hired a personal minder for daughter Kelly - to stop her drinking..’
    • ‘There are currently about 30 parents and minders who attend the group, and about 50 children.’
    • ‘They like the way the furniture is designed for safety, with no sharp edges, and can't wait until the store's two designers, who were also their minders during the weekend, come up to plan their home makeover.’
    • ‘The World Cup has arrived with its minders and stands in state, alongside the Six Nations trophy and a galaxy of Heineken Cups and domestic League trophies.’
    • ‘The free places are available at pre-schools, day nurseries, some independent schools and some registered child-minders.’
    • ‘This means that their children need minders (which are costly), if not to care for them during the working day, at least to take them to and collect them from school.’
    • ‘There is also unlikely to be any movement on the issue of establishing a special working visa scheme for childcare minders, which was promised in the programme for government.’
    • ‘Those couples desperate enough to go out together should employ a minder or baby sitter and the payment of such people could come, in part from the money saved from the very high cost of soft drinks for the children.’
    • ‘The question McAtamney needs to ask himself is what can parents or minders do to occupy themselves when the children are playing safely in the Playbarn?’
    • ‘Barnardos, Ireland's leading children's charity, are calling on toddlers and their minders and parents from all over Waterford to register to take part in the Danone Big Toddle For Barnardos.’
    • ‘Not only are they unwell but they face loneliness away from their families and friends, trying to organise minders for children, as well as sorting out accommodation for themselves while in Dublin receiving treatment.’
    • ‘In place at present is a truly hopeless patchwork of home carers, minders, state nurseries, private nurseries, nannies and the like.’
    • ‘We as a party have always supported the concept of family and the responsibility of parents - that is, mum and dad as the minders or caretakers - for the upbringing of their children.’
    • ‘They meet in the community hall on Fridays from 10 am to 12.30 pm and all mothers / minders and their pre-school children are welcome to join.’
    • ‘But novelty packaging couldn't disguise the fact that children and their minders were being asked to forgo the ease and speed of wheeled transport in favour of shoe leather.’
    • ‘All parents, carers and minders of children aged 6 months to three years are very welcome.’
    • ‘It also enables people to become self-employed and even work from home, and there is also a start-up grant of up to £400 available for those for newly registered minders.’
    • ‘It can be difficult to organise walks and dog minders when my hours are chaotic so they roam about the grass outside the office and I feel better knowing they are here.’
    1. 1.1informal A bodyguard employed to protect a celebrity or criminal.
      ‘he was accompanied by his personal minder’
      • ‘The group are part of the Tough Talk programme, which is made up of power lifters and body builders who have all been involved in the shadier side of life as debt collectors, racketeers, minders and nightclub doormen.’
      • ‘There was the story of one of his security minders who took over the job, determined not to make the mistake of his predecessor in trying to keep pace with Gerry in doing the round of bars of an evening.’
      • ‘Joining them is Hallyday, who plays a higher-ranking mobster and their minder, and Renaud, a scruffy, dangerous criminal known only as ‘Zero.’’
      • ‘The 19-year-old star's minders seemed reluctant to let him down from a snow-capped stage to meet fans in the square behind barriers as he launched into a rendition of his hit Any One Of Us.’
      • ‘His secret: warning Mandela's minders that thousands of journalists would be descending, and offering to ‘organise them’ in exchange for a meeting.’
      • ‘The man who knows the answers to these and score of other questions arrived at the meeting 15 minutes after it was scheduled to begin, surrounded by a phalanx of burly minders.’
      • ‘But the Deputy Prime Minister appeared to enjoy the white-knuckle ride, grinning throughout in the company of a couple of minders wearing shades.’
      • ‘At the end of the night the celebrity was about to be taken off by his minders.’
      • ‘The chart-topping star spoke to the rather bleary-eyed Barbara for a couple of minutes before he passed the phone back to Jason and was ushered away by his minders.’
      • ‘For starters, Harry is enjoying what is billed as an extended Australian holiday in the company of a large contingent of palace minders.’
      • ‘This, it might be argued, would amount to a polite way of saying that Tyson's minders are seen in parliamentary circles to be protecting us at least as much as they protect the fighter.’
      • ‘She made one hell of an entry - with eight minders, hotel staff greeting her and fans cheering.’
      • ‘G8 leaders and their entourage of minders, spin-doctors and gofers would need to take up permanent residence at Gleneagles if they ever hoped to match the excesses of the Holyrood debacle.’
      • ‘As Hart's bodyguard / minder, she takes this movie, flings it over her shoulder and stomps on it.’
      • ‘He was just two paces in front of me, he had no minders around him.’
      • ‘The man who carried out the forcible ejection, it now emerges, was a burly fellow who is described as ‘a freelance car clamper, celebrity minder, and former nightclub bouncer.’’
      • ‘A few minutes later Mr Griffin himself turned up surrounded by minders; shaven-headed, bull-necked and looking like cheap club bouncers talking into radios and wearing black gloves for effect.’
      • ‘Which he wanted to do at Blacktown earlier in the week, but unfortunately his minders created an invitation only affair to protect him from getting lynched.’
      • ‘Meanwhile, corporate crook Red Hammernut appoints a brutish farm crew boss named Tool as Chaz's bodyguard and minder.’
      companion, duenna, protectress, escort, governess, nursemaid, carer, keeper, protector, bodyguard
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