Definition of mimi in English:



  • A spirit person depicted in rock and bark paintings of Western Arnhem Land.

    ‘they say that the mimi can magically bring a rock wall down, paint on it, and then raise it again’
    ‘mimis were mischievous beings who lived in caves’
    • ‘The Spirits of the Dead, like the Mimi in northern Australia, were desirous of human company, though they were dangerous and unpleasant.’
    • ‘Mimi figures precede X-ray art in the rock art sequence.’
    • ‘The mimi have gone as people now, but they are still there as spirits.’
    • ‘Contemporary Aboriginal knowledge includes a history for Arnhem Land paintings imputing the old ones to the mimi people.’
    • ‘The mimi must have pulled the roof down to reach the surface or flown up so they could paint on the high ceilings that no human can reach.’
    • ‘These Aboriginal people know the old art of the mimi—the other kind of human being who were in their stone country long, long before them.’
    • ‘They say that the mimi can magically bring a rock wall down within the reach of their hands, paint on it, and then raise it again.’
    • ‘Mimis were very thin, mischievous spirit beings who lived in rocks and caves.’
    • ‘The best known and most prevalent of legendary figures in the rock paintings of western Arnhem Land are the mimi.’
    • ‘In the contemporary way of painting them, mimi are indeed narrow and thin, like spirits that can slip into cracks.’


1940s: from Gunwinygu (an Aboriginal language) mimih.