Definition of mimetite in English:



mass noun
  • A yellow or brown mineral consisting of a chloride and arsenate of lead, typically found as a crust or needle-like crystals in lead deposits.

    • ‘Although some of these specimens were also labeled as being pyromorphite and vanadinite, they were later proven to be mimetite by several analyses from China, the United States, and Germany.’
    • ‘It may be associated with a wide variety of other minerals including cerussite, anglesite, raspite, pyromorphite, mimetite, and scheelite.’
    • ‘They were associated with mimetite and unidentified clay minerals.’
    • ‘Yellow to red-orange mimetite associated with wulfenite is well known from the San Francisco mine, Cucurpe, and good specimens have come from Cerro Prieto, Sonora.’
    • ‘Here colorless to yellow crusts of mimetite coat open spaces and coarse fragments in brecciated dacite.’


Mid 19th century: from Greek mimētēs ‘imitator’ + -ite.