Definition of mimetic in English:



technical, formal
  • Relating to, constituting, or habitually practising mimesis:

    ‘mimetic patterns in butterflies’
    • ‘Their mimetic intention, unlike that of most mimetic art, does not depend on images in the viewer's memory.’
    • ‘In the standard Western division of genres, mimetic resemblance is the first criterion of portraiture.’
    • ‘Among the several biological mimetic systems, cyclodextrins represent one of the most simple ones.’
    • ‘To convey it, Velazquez passed beyond mimetic rendering to composing with signs of identity when he pictured the Lady with a Fan.’
    • ‘It's easier to write mimetic fiction, in which everything's set in this world just the way it is, than to change things with the conviction that'll keep people walking with you and believing.’


Mid 17th century: from Greek mimētikos imitation, from mimeisthai to imitate.