Definition of millstone grit in English:

millstone grit


mass noun
  • 1A coarse sandstone of the British Carboniferous, occurring immediately below the coal measures.

    • ‘Furthermore, north Derbyshire is millstone grit and limestone country, with stone walls, sheep farms, and bleak moors, whereas in the south there are hedged dairy and arable farms on clay, sandstone, and alluvium.’
    • ‘The geology here is alternating layers of limestone and shale topped with millstone grit.’
    • ‘This school is built on rock, millstone grit, alongside carboniferous limestone.’
    • ‘‘A lot of houses in Clayton were built more than 100 years ago with millstone grit which ages naturally,’ she said.’
    • ‘Most carved stones are flat-topped outcrops of the local millstone grit.’
    1. 1.1 Any hard siliceous rock suitable for making millstones.
      • ‘About a mile below Grayson, the millstone grit is seen on Barrett's creek.’
      • ‘If millstone grit occurs, please state what use has been made of it.’