Definition of millstone in English:



  • Each of two circular stones used for grinding grain.

    • ‘After opening the door, the huge millstone comes into view.’
    • ‘He explained that they were the sites where millstones were cut from the outcrops of Millstone Grit.’
    • ‘As late as the 1780s, the milling process - sieving, cleaning, winnowing, and grinding the grain by millstones - involved strenuous human labor.’
    • ‘The location of the Mill had been chosen, as it had ready access to wheat as well as a source of power to drive the millstones and good communications with the outside world for the export of the flour.’
    • ‘The pent-up waters, controlled by a sluice gate, were directed past the mill wheel, driving the wooden gears, shafts and millstones.’
    • ‘The display will include ancient millstones, Victorian and Albert period clothing, and the Michael Cowan working miniatures.’
    • ‘Stoneground - this flour is made by crushing grain between 2 grooved millstones, rather than by hi technology.’
    • ‘Half a dozen different Guilds were vying to be the first to get the new machinery to drive the bellows in the smelters, looms and wheels in the textile mills, water pumps, millstones.’
    • ‘Then they are ground through three pairs of water-powered millstones, becoming successively finer with each set of stones, and packed into airtight containers for distribution.’
    • ‘The fireplace in the drawing-room was built using stone reclaimed from the steading, with the base formed from the original millstones.’
    • ‘For inside the mill, the shelling stones began to turn, the riddles (large-meshed sieves) rhythmically shook and the millstones ground round and round.’
    • ‘Then they blinded Samson and he was bound to a millstone as a slave.’
    • ‘Troughs and millstones make garden accessories, too.’
    • ‘On a more secular level, stone was used for a number of purposes, the most widespread being the manufacture of quern stones and millstones in water-mills.’
    • ‘The old mill at Cadamstown was shown which is now an extremely attractive feature with planted up banks of the adjacent river and many old millstones and ancient tools on display.’
    • ‘By 1984, all the internal machinery had been rebuilt and tested, the millstones were balanced and the leat was ready to carry water to the mill.’
    • ‘We slipped between lines of trees or bamboo groves, past millstones pivoted on logs, and wallowing buffalo.’
    • ‘Something which caught me a little by surprise is a pile of millstones; each about 1.5m across and 15 cm thick.’
    • ‘The manorial village was never completely self-sufficient because salt, millstones or perhaps metalware were not available and had to be obtained from outside sources.’
    • ‘The huge millstone they brought with them is there in the Alamo museum.’


  • a millstone round someone's neck

    • A heavy and inescapable responsibility.

      ‘the massive pension fund is going be a millstone round the company's neck for decades’
      burden, unwanted responsibility, encumbrance, dead weight, load, onus
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