Definition of millpond in English:



  • 1The pool which is created by a dam to provide the head of water that powers a watermill.

    • ‘A mill was built on a bend in the Waitotoroa River, with half an hectare nearby flooded for a millpond.’
    • ‘Barely larger than a swimming pool and not as deep, the millpond is not the sort of location you would normally choose to dive.’
    • ‘Most of the inside of the door is covered in faded photos of her and James out at the beach, at the millpond, or slurping a shared food court smoothie.’
    • ‘A small millpond on Faunce's property powered a bellows for the furnace that the brook is named for.’
    • ‘The road on which the Federals marched passed by the mill and was bordered on the left by millponds and swamps and on the right by a swamp that extended into the Wateree River.’
    • ‘You have loyal friends who frolicked with you in the millpond in your younger days, and will stand beside you with joy when you take the throne.’
    • ‘A millpond, barn, and old stone mansion, which is furnished in a home decor, make up the campus.’
    1. 1.1 A very calm stretch of water.
      ‘the sea was a brilliant blue millpond’
      • ‘After a delay for the weather to pass, Malta regatta course turned to a millpond of calm, perfect rowing conditions for the men's four.’
      • ‘It really is a millpond most of the time, summer and winter.’