Definition of millibar in English:



  • One thousandth of a bar, the cgs unit of atmospheric pressure equivalent to 100 pascals.

    ‘peak wind speed was 170 knots and pressure dropped to 993 millibars’
    • ‘The surface-level rise in pressure was 145.1 millibars according to Richardson, and 145.4 according to Lynch.’
    • ‘Although the storm is bigger, the pressure in the centre of the storm had increased yesterday evening, up from the 882 millibar record reached yesterday morning to 900 millibars.’
    • ‘Also, the central pressure in the storm has dropped significantly by more than 20 millibars, which is a big drop.’
    • ‘When you multiply by inches of mercury and divide by millibars, the millibars cancel out and you're left with inches of mercury.’
    • ‘The Martian atmosphere today is predominantly carbon dioxide, with a pressure of about 6 millibars at the surface.’
    • ‘A fall of atmospheric pressure of 1.005 millibars will result in a rise of sea level of 1 cm.’
    • ‘People are studying the maps with a sick kind of fascination and discussing projected paths and low pressure and millibars and such delights with a fair amount of regularity.’
    • ‘If pressure decreases by one millibar, the sea level rises by one centimetre.’
    • ‘The world record for the lowest tropical cyclone pressure is 870 millibars in Typhoon Tip in the northwest Pacific Ocean on Oct. 12, 1979.’
    • ‘According to the model, barometric pressure in the lowest stratum rose by 145 millibars to 1,108 millibars.’
    • ‘This storm dropped 100 millibars in the space of 24 hours.’
    • ‘If the barometric pressure suddenly drops from, say, a normal reading of 1,000 millibars to 900 millibars, a very powerful wind will result.’
    • ‘Meteorologist use the pressure in millibars to determine the actual strength of the storm.’
    • ‘We, in weather, measure pressure in millibars, so it's just a number.’
    • ‘Wilma's confirmed pressure readings yesterday morning dropped to 882 millibars - the lowest minimum pressure ever measured in a hurricane in the Atlantic basin, according to the hurricane centre.’
    • ‘The turtle recorded a barometric pressure drop of 100 millibars within the vortex.’
    • ‘The barometer had not moved from 1000 millibars.’
    • ‘The mean air pressure over this period was some five millibars above average.’
    • ‘The U.S. National Weather Service uses the old term, millibars, on its charts and in its reports.’
    • ‘Today, a bomb cyclone is an extratropical area of low pressure in which the central barometric pressure drops at least 24 millibars in 24 hours.’