Definition of millennium bug in English:

millennium bug


  • A problem with some computers arising from an inability of the software to deal correctly with dates of 1 January 2000 or later.

    • ‘A report issued the same day by the Conference Board of Canada warned that failure to deal immediately with the millennium bug could throw Canada into a recession in the first half of 2000.’
    • ‘In fact, European officials are confidently predicting the net economic impact will be nil, just like the millennium bug scare about possible computer glitches in January last year.’
    • ‘Problems concerning the millennium bug aside, this has not been a particularly good century for getting things right about the future.’
    • ‘Companies realized, when faced with the millennium bug, that disaster preparedness, security and risk management were fundamental to the survival of corporations.’
    • ‘Spending levels are expected to spiral above even those in 1999, when major companies splurged out of fear of the millennium bug.’
    • ‘He was finally told that the holiday had been cancelled because airlines were too worried about flying because of the threat of the millennium bug.’
    • ‘Disappointingly, the millennium bug left my computer running smoothly.’
    • ‘Mayhap the millennium bug was a victim of itself?’
    • ‘This year, the government has been working hard at persuading businesses and individuals to take the millennium bug seriously.’
    • ‘The millennium bug didn't seem to hamper the year 2000 rollover, but consumers are finding bugs elsewhere, according to reports.’
    • ‘Italians, who were internationally scolded for slowness in preparing for the millennium bug, woke up sleepily on the first morning of 2000 to find life working as usual.’
    • ‘Are the people who are warning us about climate change the same people - and the same organizations - that warned us about the millennium bug?’
    • ‘Those of you who think the millennium bug didn't hit, you're mistaken.’
    • ‘Although this will not cut much ice with cynics, it is the same argument used to explain why the millennium bug failed to have the catastrophic effects predicted.’
    • ‘Even the dreaded millennium bug failed to put in an appearance.’
    • ‘There was a sense of glee that the millennium bug did not bite and market players were ready to take the profits that were delayed into 2000 for tax purposes.’
    • ‘South Korea's Y2K management office is continuing to call on companies to beware of the millennium bug with the start Monday of normal business operations.’
    • ‘It seems the flu virus, rather than a computer glitch, turned out to be the real millennium bug.’
    • ‘The millennium bug stems from mainly older computer systems which were programmed to read only the last two digits of a year.’
    • ‘Their fervent hope is that anger at chaos caused by the millennium bug could lead to revulsion powerful enough to prevent the digital ascendancy.’