Definition of mill owner in English:

mill owner


  • A person who owns a factory fitted with machinery for a particular manufacturing process.

    ‘housing was frequently built by the mill owner and rented to the workers’
    • ‘She later worked in the household of a Bradford mill owner.’
    • ‘She lives with her husband Avery, a well-off mill owner.’
    • ‘The mill owners now had access to water from the Canal Corporation's storage reservoirs.’
    • ‘The mill owner claims the plant was running at a loss.’
    • ‘The museum is the former home of 19th Century mill owner Colonel Edward Akroyd.’
    • ‘The all-powerful mill owners were forced to grudgingly accept that their workers were entitled to an annual holiday.’
    • ‘The onset of a boom meant that millowners were more eager to make profits while they could, rather than engage in a long strike.’
    • ‘The government adopted stringent regulations for any sale of flour by private mill owners.’
    • ‘Margaret comes to know and respect the ideas and the family life of both mill-hands and mill-owners.’
    • ‘The son of a mill-owner, James Stuart received his school education at Madras College, St Andrews.’
    • ‘Pauper children could be 'apprenticed' to millowners in another town.’