Definition of milky in English:


adjectivemilkiest, milkier

  • 1Containing or mixed with a large amount of milk.

    ‘a cup of sweet milky coffee’
    • ‘To finish this festive breakfast, here is the sweet grape hearthbread, which is just as good to serve with rich milky coffee or a cup of tea.’
    • ‘Nothing in the world tasted as good for breakfast as stolen rolls with some butter and jam and a mug of milky coffee.’
    • ‘After the collapse, I hastily bowed out and retired for a mug of hot, milky, sugary coffee.’
    • ‘In the early mornings he would stand in his dressing gown at the window, sipping a cup of milky coffee, while his valet ran his bath.’
    • ‘In terms of soups, both the borscht and the ocrochka, a cold milky concoction of potatoes, egg, ham, green onion, dill and cucumber, are delicious.’
    • ‘His eyes are large, dark and warm, and he has a complexion the color of milky coffee.’
    • ‘Prepare one large mug of milky coffee and one smaller, stronger mugful, easy on the white stuff.’
    • ‘Less well known is ocrochka, a cold soup made of potatoes, egg, ham, green onion, dill and cucumber in a milky base.’
    • ‘It's milky and flavourful, with an unmistakable blue cheese taste that fades just enough after each spoonful to keep you digging in for more.’
    • ‘It's not milky or sweet like normal hot chocolate, it's dark and sultry.’
    • ‘I don't like weak, milky tea, but I'd drink it rather than complain.’
    • ‘Unfortunately, because I'm not used to drinking such milky beverages, I was an unaware victim of milk moustache.’
    • ‘There was a vague element of milky coffee to it but if the label had not so informed me I'd have failed to identify the flavour.’
    • ‘But at least my coffee was just how I like it: strong but milky.’
    • ‘We squatted on the floor and scoffed and then washed it down with sweet milky tea.’
    • ‘I think the curiously Italian milky coffee they call galao in Portugal just about qualifies.’
    • ‘Somalis offer a milky tea and burn incense to welcome visitors.’
    • ‘The kids got to school late and she hadn't even had time to make a cup of milky coffee.’
    • ‘Flopping down in the empty armchair with my milky coffee and half a bowl of cereal, I aligned the main problems in my head in the order I was going to tackle them in.’
    • ‘Rows of high backed leatherette banquettes filled with happy shoppers smoking tabs and drinking frothy milky coffee.’
    1. 1.1 (of a cow) having a high milk yield.
      ‘the milky little Jersey seems to be successful in the tropics’
  • 2Resembling milk in colour.

    ‘not a blemish marred her milky skin’
    • ‘Then there are those whose blue eyes or milky skin or pin-straight hair enables them to glide unsuspected through the grocery store, job interview or police traffic stop.’
    • ‘His skin was milky, and his eyes a distant bluish green.’
    • ‘The gum resin consists of the milky sap obtained from an incision of the green matured root.’
    • ‘His beautiful milky skin and white hair were stained forever by his own blood.’
    • ‘She looks like she's going to be sick, her milky skin drained of blood.’
    • ‘The soft, milky, aquamarine colour comes from the blue-green algae that thrives in the lagoon and white Silica mud, which carpets the bottom with a light natural sediment.’
    • ‘The girl had a milky white complexion, dotted with light freckles that matched her hair.’
    • ‘The dress showed the glow of her soft milky skin.’
    • ‘The girl admired her mother's long white hair, and soft, milky skin.’
    • ‘The warm sun bathed her soft milky skin as she opened her violet eyes, and tiredly looked around the room.’
    • ‘The muscles beneath the milky skin jerked in a shudder.’
    • ‘She was so mad that she knew her usual milky skin had to be red with anger.’
    • ‘The girl was a spunky red head and had a milky complexion dotted with freckles.’
    • ‘The cavity then filled with the plant's sweet, milky sap.’
    • ‘Travellers, short on water rations, have died drinking the milky sap of its poisonous foliage.’
    • ‘My room looked clean since all of the things in there were milky white.’
    • ‘The water used by nearly 100 families living along the eastern wall of the factory rapidly turned brackish and milky white in colour.’
    • ‘The sleeve was pulled back revealing milky white skin.’
    • ‘Within this unique ecosystem, high levels of silica, minerals and algae form a light sediment at the bottom of the lagoon, giving it a soft milky aquamarine colour.’
    • ‘It was a milky colour and looked ethereal in sunlight.’
    1. 2.1 Cloudy or opaque.
      ‘the old man's milky, uncomprehending eyes’
      • ‘His eyes have gone all milky and his skin has got darker, which shows that he's about to get rid of his skin.’
      • ‘With no iris or pupil present, the milky orb shone opaquely with a paranormal light.’
      • ‘The urine itself may look milky or cloudy, even reddish if blood is present.’
      • ‘The one-way conversation lasted about 30 seconds as Moore, his face pale, eyes slightly milky and head tilting to one side, listened intently.’
      pale, white, milk-white, snow-white, whitish, off-white, cream, creamy, chalky, pearly, nacreous, ivory, alabaster, opaque, clouded, cloudy, misty, blanched, bloodless, anaemic, ashen, pallid, drained, pasty, wan, waxen, faded
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  • 3dated, informal Weak and compliant.

    ‘they just talk that way to make you turn milky’
    acquiescent, amenable, biddable, tractable, complaisant, accommodating, cooperative, adaptable
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