Definition of milking stool in English:

milking stool


  • A short three-legged stool, of a kind traditionally used while milking cows.

    • ‘He remembered he had often cursed the brindle cow and her mates, and had sometimes flung milking stools.’
    • ‘General police psychology is like a three-legged milking stool with one short leg.’
    • ‘Where does your average Kansas milk maid possibly find herself a milking stool in these days when hi-tech machines have taken over from the traditional practice?’
    • ‘Skilled woodworkers would also be adept at making two other items in John's series: shepherd's crooks and milking stools.’
    • ‘The overflow had assembled into lawn chairs and milking stools, and stretched out in masses as if waiting for the five fishes to be subdivided.’
    • ‘She heads for the cow, giving her some hay and oats before getting down onto the milking stool.’