Definition of milk product in English:

milk product


  • A foodstuff made from milk.

    ‘improper handling of milk and milk products can result in bacterial growth’
    ‘this quicker heating process is the key to producing a fresh-tasting milk product’
    • ‘Consumer consumption research is driving trends in both milk product development and promotion.’
    • ‘During digestion, your body breaks down carbohydrates from foods such as bread, rice, pasta, vegetables, fruits and milk products into various sugar molecules.’
    • ‘These individuals should eat vitamin D-fortified foods, such as fortified milk products and fortified cereals.’
    • ‘They say better-quality milk products in schools mean kids will be more likely to choose milk outside school.’
    • ‘Certain chocolate milk products are designed to be sweeter or less sweet, darker or lighter, according to which cocoa powders are used.’
    • ‘Cottage cheese, another milk product that's loaded with protein, has a hefty 14 grams of protein per half-cup.’
    • ‘Avoid unpasteurized milk products.’
    • ‘Resulting from innovations in packaging and labeling, on-the-go milk products are giving soft drinks and other mainstream beverages a run for their money.’
    • ‘Like the EU, the US has to find ways to get rid of all the excess milk product it turns out.’
    • ‘The cause was found to be bacteria in the milk product supplied by a small company.’
    • ‘Research shows that consumption of milk or milk products from infected cattle does not lead to the contraction of the disease.’