Definition of milk powder in English:

milk powder


mass noun
  • Milk dehydrated by evaporation.

    • ‘In a double boiler, whisk together the egg yolks, ice cream stabilizer, and milk powder until pale and smooth.’
    • ‘In a bowl, combine the sugar, egg yolks, ice cream stabilizer, and dry milk powder.’
    • ‘Prices for essential goods such as rice, sugar, dhal, chilies, milk powder and medical drugs have soared by 15 to 30 percent.’
    • ‘Comparing it with milk chocolate - also made from cocoa, but diluted with milk powder, lecithin and much more sugar - is like comparing wine with grape soda.’
    • ‘Many commodity markets, including butter, skim milk powder and Gouda and Cheddar cheeses could be easily entered by suppliers from Argentina or eastern Europe.’
    • ‘Add the dried fruit, plenty of milk powder and anything else you want (sugar, chocolate drops) and bag it for your trip.’
    • ‘The venture will see both companies work together to build a production facility in Nigeria, which will supply evaporated milk and milk powder to the local Nigerian market.’
    • ‘Add dried skim milk powder to sauces and beverages.’
    • ‘The same story is told by the dairy farmer who has to pour his milk down the drain because he cannot compete with the cheap imported subsidised milk powder from the US.’
    • ‘We flavored it with chocolate drink powders, malted milk powder, and flavored syrups to make luxuriously thick beverages.’
    • ‘When slightly thick, add the paste of milk powder and ghee.’
    • ‘The report made the case for reducing the number of plants processing milk into butter, milk powder and curd from 11 to four.’
    • ‘Further refund increases, however, will be needed for skim milk powder and whole milk powder if the dollar does not recover or declines further.’
    • ‘This was made possible through a higher sale price, revamped marketing strategy and sale of add-on items such as milk powder and ghee.’
    • ‘The main differences were that Nutella uses peanut oil instead of vegetable oil, skim milk instead of skim milk powder, and cocoa instead of reduced fat cocoa.’
    • ‘Export refunds for skim milk powder and whole milk powder were increased five times since last November.’
    • ‘As a result, he shifted the company focus to stabilized chocolate milk powder as well as cocoa powder for ice cream.’
    • ‘Most veal comes from animals that have been artificially orphaned, kept in crates or pens, and have been fed on a diet based on milk powder.’
    • ‘The new loaf is the same as national bread with six per cent dried milk powder added, giving it a high nutritive value.’
    • ‘Milk, soy milk or milk powder may also be added to give the bubble tea a creamy texture.’


milk powder