Definition of milk jug in English:

milk jug


  • 1A small jug for holding and pouring milk.

    ‘an old-fashioned tea room with tea pots, milk jugs, and sugar in a bowl’
    • ‘What can you tell me about a milk jug I have in the shape of a cow?’
    • ‘It turned out to be a silver-plated salver with porcelain teapot, milk jug, egg-cup containing sugar and dish of sliced kiwi fruit.’
    • ‘You can pick up old magazines, English china and milk jugs and toast racks from the Thirties.’
    • ‘There's her kitchenware range; melamine milk jugs and cake stands in eggshell blue.’
    • ‘Functional late 18th century items - including candlesticks, teapots, milk jugs and sugar bowls - are becoming more readily available.’
    • ‘Now his collection of toast racks, milk jugs and cutlery has been displayed in four glass cabinets in the main corridor of the hospital.’
    • ‘My drink of choice is Barry's tea, because of its strong taste, always served with a milk jug.’
    • ‘The lace tablecloth came out for this event, as did the tea service of thin bone china, complete with matching milk jug, sugar bowl and slop basin.’
    • ‘She tried to clear a space in the middle but the table was already too full of cups, milk jug, sugar pot, scones and cream.’
    • ‘They cannot wait to see the silver Victorian teapot, sugar bowl and milk jug glinting in the spotlight.’
    1. 1.1North American A large container for milk, with a narrow mouth and a cap.
      ‘we use empty gallon milk jugs for our emergency water supply’
      • ‘You can make your own weights by filling old socks with beans or by partially filling a half-gallon milk jug with water or sand.’
      • ‘You can make similar cloches out of plastic pop bottles or milk jugs.’
      • ‘They collected more than 500 empty milk jugs to build a 6-foot igloo.’
      • ‘If you don't own a dumbbell, you can experiment with household objects like a gallon milk jug filled with water.’
      • ‘Who would have thought that a deck could be made from recycled milk jugs?’
      • ‘We pour the pressed cider through a sieve and into clean, plastic gallon milk jugs.’
      • ‘Thermoplastics are used to make plastic containers such as soda bottles and milk jugs.’
      • ‘Bury a gallon pot or perforated milk jug next to the plant and fill it with water daily to keep the roots evenly moist.’
      • ‘The carpets upstairs were once plastic milk jugs.’
      • ‘The trademark yellow milk jugs are manufactured on site by the dairy's own blow-molding operation.’