Definition of milk float in English:

milk float


  • An open-sided van, typically powered by electricity, that is used for delivering milk to houses.

    • ‘The milkman managed to squeeze him in between the gold top and the semi-skimmed and drove him to the Foreign Office on his milk float.’
    • ‘This machine was the size of a milk float and was drawn by horses.’
    • ‘The reassuring sound of a milk float whirring by outside your window in the early morning is now a rarity.’
    • ‘The other problem is many of the vehicles are unappealing to drive and have all the dynamism of a milk float.’
    • ‘They were both wearing light-coloured tops and baseball caps and had been spotted hiding in a hedge prior to being seen hanging around the milk float.’
    • ‘He helped her into his milk float and took her all the way home.’
    • ‘Nearly all rental cars in the US are automatics, so they're easy to get used to but can be about as much fun to drive as a milk float.’
    • ‘Firstly, he ran into the back of a lorry because he couldn't see it and also had the ignomony of scraping along the side of a milk float whilst it was overtaking him!’
    • ‘Having decided as a young boy that he rather fancied becoming a milkman, Glenister could have ended up with a milk float.’
    • ‘Played out on steel drums at 13 bpm, it sounds like a milk float crashing into a village pond.’
    • ‘How will it improve traffic flow and road safety to force a milk float to drive in the outside lane at 3am?’
    • ‘A report is to be sent to the Procurator Fiscal, after a Kirkwall milk float collided with two parked vehicles in Victoria Street on Monday morning.’
    • ‘He then used his milk float to try to ram the car as it drove away towards Coxtie Green Road.’
    • ‘After an amazing 57 years he's handed in the keys to his milk float for the last time.’
    • ‘There was the low whir of the milk float, the revving of cars preparing to leave for work, the slamming of doors and the purposeful tread of commuters along the pavement towards the train or bus.’
    • ‘A rather fetching photograph of young Dave, grinning beside a milk float in Glasgow many moons ago, appeared in Friday's newspapers.’
    • ‘Following the milk float was a convoy vehicle, which we believe was a newish black Volkswagen Golf or similar.’
    • ‘They expressly excluded anyone travelling as a passenger on his milk float.’
    • ‘Express Dairies has also applied for a licence to deliver packets and parcels through its milk float network.’
    • ‘If he wanted to jump on the milk float and ride around in the playground they would let him.’


milk float