Definition of milk fever in English:

milk fever


mass noun
  • 1An acute illness in female cows, goats, etc. that have just produced young, caused by calcium deficiency.

    • ‘The calcium metabolized by the cow has a role in preventing milk fever at calving.’
    • ‘A few years ago there was a fad for using anionic salts in the cows' dry period to prevent milk fever when they calve.’
    • ‘Vitamin D has a more direct role in prevention of milk fever and other aberrations of calcium metabolism.’
    • ‘When a ewe had trouble - mastitis, milk fever, pneumonia, blue bag - the pens filled with sick sheep and the sheep housing stock shrank.’
    • ‘Cows with a history of milk fever must be ‘bottled’ with 80-120 grams of limestone flour immediately after calving and again 12 hours later.’
    • ‘The production of high levels of ketones predisposes the cow to ketosis and subsequently milk fever.’
    • ‘Curtis et al. concluded that cows with milk fever are four times more likely to also have a retained placenta.’
    • ‘A negative DCAB diet fed to dairy cows during the prepartum period increases plasma Ca concentrations around parturition and reduces the incidence of milk fever.’
    • ‘From my own personal experience I can still recall the pangs of grief, guilt, and self-criticism I felt some years ago when I lost about half a dozen prime cows to milk fever.’
    • ‘‘It was a time when in-calf cows were drenched with a certain product to prevent milk fever,’ he says.’
    • ‘Ensure that all milking cows are receiving enough magnesium and calcium in their diet to avoid grass tetany and milk fever.’
    • ‘This enables them to draw sufficient calcium from their own bodies to prevent milk fever after calving.’
  • 2A fever in women caused by infection after childbirth, formerly supposed to be due to the swelling of the breasts with milk.

    • ‘My mother, it should be said, had milk fever and couldn't breastfeed me.’
    • ‘My mother and I thought that she died of pneumonia, or perhaps milk fever.’