Definition of milk bar in English:

milk bar


  • 1British A snack bar that sells milk drinks and other refreshments.

    • ‘This week in 1958, there was a glassing outside a pub and a brawl in a milk bar in the town centre.’
    • ‘There appears to be little foundation here in Indonesia for the belief that Asians lack the enzymes needed to digest milk, and milk bars attract crowds of young sophisticates in the big towns.’
    • ‘However, in the milk bars and Lyon's tea shops of those days, no amount of government propaganda could stop youngsters of both sexes grousing about the disruption to their lives caused by national service.’
    • ‘For some of us older inhabitants of the press gallery it brings back a bygone age, as surely as an Everly Brothers record, a milk bar, or the theme to Take It From Here.’
    • ‘It's the contemporary equivalent of those milk bars your mum and dad reminisce about but with more caffeine and less doo-wop.’
    • ‘Harry and Sue met in the old milk bar in 1962, married a few years later and bought the site in 1974.’
    • ‘You're probably thinking it's just some small office block on the outer edges of the city, or some dingy milk bar down south, but you're wrong.’
    • ‘Forte's father emigrated from Italy at the age of five and later opened a milk bar in Regent Street which he slowly expanded, branching out into mid and budget-range hotels.’
  • 2Australian A corner shop.

    • ‘They contrasted with the cluster of ramshackle shops amongst which was the town's one combined general store, tea-rooms and milk bar.’
    • ‘Walking home in the rain last night, I popped into my local milk bar to pick up a can of soup.’
    • ‘At the local shopping centre there was also a chemist and a milk bar.’
    • ‘In milk bars around New Plymouth there were jukeboxes stacked with boundary-pushing singles.’
    • ‘The couple in the milk bar are called George and Mildred.’