Definition of mildness in English:



mass noun
  • 1Lack of intensity.

    ‘the tomatoes were sweet, compensating for the mildness of the cheese’
    • ‘The smooth Asian flavors complemented the mildness of the fish, while the rice flakes gave the dish an exotic confectioner's crunch.’
    • ‘Therefore the mildness of traditional Chinese medicines could make them ideal for such treatments.’
    • ‘Their mildness and delicious flavor should make them perfect to administer to young children suffering from these conditions.’
    • ‘This ideal formulation has several beneficial qualities, including low irritation, mildness, safety, skin moisturization, and easy and fast application.’
    • ‘This mildness makes their entrance acceptable in places where the grown-up version is considered too rowdy.’
    • ‘Children, particularly babies, commonly appeared in American soap advertisements because manufacturers saw this as an effective means of emphasizing their product's mildness and suitability to delicate tasks.’
    • ‘The freeze-thawing method is an attractive alternative due to the relative mildness of the procedure as well as the large encapsulation volume of the resultant vesicles.’
    • ‘Sweetness in onions is more accurately termed lack of pungency, or mildness.’
    • ‘I say that if you don't mind violence, then you can probably compromise on the mildness of the other stuff.’
    • ‘Mildness also characterizes red and black versions, and indeed most Chinese vinegars whether based on rice or millet or any of a score of other kinds of plant material.’
    • ‘What's remarkable is not the severity of the remedy but its mildness.’
    • ‘The mildness of the profanity by today's standards did not detract from its risqué quality at the time.’
    • ‘The participants are then invited to comment on the quality of the coffees: mildness, acidity, balance, flavour and length in the mouth.’
    • ‘The addition of moisturizing agents (eg, lipids, occlusive agents, and humectants) to the cleanser enhances mildness.’
    • ‘The mildness of the roast beef works well with the salty cheese.’
    gentleness, tenderness, softness, soft-heartedness, sensitivity, warmth, warmness, compassion, meekness, modesty, docility, calmness, tranquillity, placidity, serenity, peaceableness, amiability, affability, geniality, mellowness
    warmth, balminess, equability, temperateness, gentleness, softness, moderation
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  • 2Lack of severity.

    ‘the mildness of her disease’
    • ‘Reasons include denial, the seeming mildness of symptoms, and the fear of embarrassment or loss of control.’
    • ‘He ascribes this to the mildness of the sanctions for non-payment, which in the case of lesser sums is no more than a small fine.’
    • ‘Indeed, the relative mildness of the falls to date may have lulled investors into thinking a recovery was just around the corner.’
    • ‘This mildness was decidedly a feature of the year.’
    • ‘She visited North Africa in 1860 and commented on the "relative mildness" of the slavery practiced there.’
    • ‘The main difference between SARS and most other flu bugs seems to be the relative mildness of SARS.’
    • ‘What is really striking about this controversy is the mildness of the attack to which he refers.’
    • ‘Doctors' emphasis on the mildness or earliness of the condition raised the spectre of future pain and disability rather than providing reassurance.’
    • ‘Clinicians tried to reduce anxiety by emphasising the mildness, early stage, or non-seriousness of the disorder and the likelihood that patients would recover.’
    • ‘The apparent mildness of the recession is the best argument against deflation.’
    • ‘This is especially evident in the US, with the comparative mildness of the recent "slump" attesting to this effect.’
    • ‘The mildness with which terrorist detainees have been treated stands as an imperishable monument to the greatness of the American spirit and the moderation of the administration.’
    1. 2.1 Relative warmth of weather.
      • ‘September's mildness gave way to the nip of October, causing fires to be lit throughout the great house, and still no word came from Mr Darcy.’
      • ‘The grey sky belies the mildness of the day.’
      • ‘Overnight cold and mellow mildness by day seems to be the order of the day.’
      • ‘The mildness of autumn drifted on to the beginning of July, and a delay of similar duration.’
      • ‘"I'm sure this had a lot to do with the mildness of this time of year and the feeling of summer in the air," a garda spokesperson said.’
      • ‘It's an ancient, crippled man, well covered up with blankets and shawls, his head muffled in a scarf, despite the mildness of the weather.’
      • ‘Wisconsin is carpeted thick and green following such mildness and moisture.’
  • 3A person's lack of aggressiveness.

    ‘the mildness of his manner and his desire to please everyone’
    • ‘Let us figure his mildness and equanimity in the midst of their impatience, and perhaps their scurrility.’
    • ‘Anna, despite her appearance of mildness and calm, was really rather nervous and shy in large groups of people.’
    • ‘"I think she's finally getting mad about the whole thing," Joanna said with maddening mildness to Grace.’
    • ‘Franklin attributed his success in public life to his mildness.’
    • ‘She really had a maiden beauty, mildness and timidity.’
    • ‘No doubt the climate of the time favors compassion, mildness, and understanding.’
    • ‘Jane, in all her mildness put up with the sometimes tedious affair without a single complaint.’
    • ‘I must say I was astonished at the mildness with which they spoke of those at whose hands they were enduring these abominable persecutions.’
    • ‘Mr. Woodhouse is the mildest of men, yet being a member of the Austen world, he is precise in his mildness.’
    • ‘The real reason was Saul's too great mildness, a drawback in a ruler.’
    • ‘Make no mistake, it takes more courage to refrain and return with mildness than to strike back.’
    • ‘He even acknowledges that it is useful, and sometimes necessary, to break it, so that it be done with mildness, with modesty, and with circumspection.’
    • ‘The two nod, still with that same mildness.’
    • ‘Elizabeth continued with deceptive mildness.’
    • ‘In exercising the functions of his high station, Gregory exhibited great mildness and forbearance.’
    • ‘How could I become cruel or vicious, when I had before my eyes only examples of mildness, and was surrounded by some of the best people in the world?’
    • ‘The teacher greeted me with that mildness with which every teacher greets his future pupil in the presence of parents.’
    • ‘Foolish strangers may mistake your mildness for weakness - they will be surprised.’
    • ‘The safe approach is too stick to mildness for successful matches.’