Definition of mild steel in English:

mild steel


mass noun
  • Steel which contains only a small percentage of carbon and is strong and easily worked but not readily tempered or hardened.

    • ‘Some people say that chromoly is brittle, not as strong as mild steel, and that a chromoly cage will wear out.’
    • ‘So ductile iron was used for castings, mild steel was used for strengthening the main arches, and stainless steel replaced the 10 miles of glazing bars.’
    • ‘These are made of mild steel, stainless steel, or copper, and are placed under the joint and subsequently removed when the weld has been completed.’
    • ‘The resistance of mild steel to oxidation is vastly improved by forming an aluminium-iron alloy on the surface.’
    • ‘The physical properties of stainless steel are different from mild steel and this makes it weld differently.’
    • ‘Harder than wrought iron, but with less carbon than true steel, mild steel was made in industrial-sized batches, and although it was easier to machine with close tolerances, it was harder for blacksmiths to forge and weld.’
    • ‘The furniture is made of mild steel which is then galvanised.’
    • ‘The stiffness of the beam could be changed by varying the thickness of the flat bar of mild steel and by adjusting the distance between the end clamps.’
    • ‘Early blades were pattern-welded, a technique in which strips of wrought iron and mild steel were twisted and forged together, with the addition of a hardened edge.’
    • ‘The relative amounts of elongation and spread cannot be calculated theoretically but they have been determined experimentally for mild steel.’
    • ‘Filler metal is not used in electron beam welding; however, when welding mild steel highly deoxidized filler metal is sometimes used.’
    • ‘Properties include easy workability, adaptability and insensitivity to faulty manipulation possessed by mild steel.’
    • ‘The company plans to produce mild steel, stainless steel, aluminium, copper and brass on the site.’
    • ‘The Bessemer process, patented in 1855, made mild steel a cheap and superior rival for wrought and cast iron in some products.’
    • ‘So far I've designed lights in concrete, fibreglass, perspex, mild steel, stainless steel and even cardboard.’
    • ‘Changes in transition temperature of over 55°C can be produced by changes in the chemical composition or microstructure of mild steel.’
    • ‘With steps and risers of mild steel, the stair is contained by a great vertical curtain of steel uprights and rods on one side, and wooden shelving on the other.’
    • ‘The high-melting-point solders are suitable for soldering mild steel, stainless steel, nickel, copper, brass, zinc, and silver directly to aluminum.’
    • ‘In this, the last of the great British railway bridges, mild steel superseded wrought iron.’
    • ‘Although mild steel is not uncommon in underbody applications, more than 70% of the Liberty underbody is produced with high-strength steel.’


mild steel