Definition of mild-mannered in English:



  • (of a person) gentle and not given to extremes of emotion.

    ‘karate was introduced into Japan by a mild-mannered Okinawan schoolmaster’
    • ‘He sounds like a slightly demented five-year-old child, while at the same time looking like anybody's mild-mannered uncle.’
    • ‘These are startling things to hear from such a quiet, decent, mild-mannered man.’
    • ‘Even the mild-mannered people out in the provinces are now saying that there will be civil disobedience.’
    • ‘Presently, Larry is working as a mild-mannered library clerk at a community college in Kingston, Ontario.’
    • ‘One of the most mild-mannered people I know is driven into a frenzy by the fact that there is a caravan parked in a drive just up the road from her.’
    • ‘He was a kind, mild-mannered man who did not like the trials of leadership or the political intrigues of court.’
    • ‘He is too mild-mannered to be a manager; too nice to be nasty.’
    • ‘This sent my normally mild-mannered father, who was eating dinner at the time, into a rage.’
    • ‘Jacob does not know how to react to this headstrong woman who is nothing like the mild-mannered wife he had loved.’
    • ‘He's normally mild-mannered, easy-going and a joy to work for.’
    • ‘Softness and that curiously mild-mannered touch dominated Lang Lang's playing.’
    • ‘He was mild-mannered and polite, attempting light humour to put me at my ease.’
    • ‘Superman may save the world on a regular basis, but he gets to come home and be mild-mannered reporter Clark Kent.’
    • ‘A mild-mannered man is wrongly accused of a crime and sentenced to anger-management treatment.’
    • ‘Off the field he is a quietly spoken, mild-mannered person; on the field, he's different.’
    • ‘But this time it was not the defence secretary who spoke but the normally mild-mannered secretary of state.’
    • ‘Two policemen are filming and photographing the apparently mild-mannered women holding the poster.’
    • ‘And he is on BBC2 in the evenings now, asking his aggressive questions at mild-mannered members of the public.’
    • ‘After returning, we've reverted back to our normal roles as mild-mannered students.’
    • ‘My mom was mild-mannered compared to that, which was really saying something.’