Definition of mikva in English:



  • A bath in which certain Jewish ritual purifications are performed.

    • ‘Under the guidelines, new converts should spend at least a year engaged in Jewish study, face a panel of three rabbis or learned Jews and be immersed in a mikveh, or ritual bath.’
    • ‘A special blessing is pronounced before entering the mikva, emphasizing the holy nature of this precept.’
    • ‘Today a mere remnant of this once-vibrant community survives, but in the 1950's the Bronx offered synagogues, mikvas, kosher bakeries, and kosher butchers - all the comforts one would expect from an observant Orthodox Jewish community.’
    • ‘‘I remember as a young girl going to the mikveh,’ Rachel explains.’
    • ‘The area is marked by many mikvehs, or ritual baths, in which every Jew entering the Temple area had to immerse.’
    • ‘When an excited Miri and her mother left the mikveh on Monday evening, they found on their cellphone a message from Miri's only sister, 18-year-old Sharon.’
    • ‘Both male and female must then immerse in a valid mikveh.’
    • ‘So the end of the story is I went to the mikveh and renounced my Christianity.’
    • ‘On January 7, 2003, I stepped into the waters of the mikveh.’
    • ‘Only mikvehs (ritual purification baths) will operate as usual.’
    • ‘Schools, shuls, mikvas and community centers began to spring up.’
    • ‘Chabad and AYS partnered to rebuild the mikva, located behind A. Y. Synagogue, in order to make it a state-of-the-art mikva and bring its level of Kashrut to the highest.’
    • ‘A permanent synagogue, Shearith Israel, including a school and a mikveh (ritual bath), was completed in 1731.’
    • ‘Synagogues, mikvas (ritual baths) and cemeteries have been preserved in many places in the environs of Lublin and Podlassia.’
    • ‘By the time I had made all the purchases I needed to make, the sun was almost setting, Shabbat had nearly arrived, and the mikva had closed.’
    • ‘We can build thousands of synagogues, mikvas, cemeteries and hotels, as well as tens of thousands of homes.’
    • ‘I visited a complex with a traditional schvitz (steam room) combined with three mikvas (warm, hot, and scalding) and group showers.’
    • ‘They reconstruct synagogues, build new mikvas, organize ulpans for those who wish to learn Hebrew, let people experience a kosher Shabbat or simply eat and rest at the ‘Jewish Agency's’ cost.’
    • ‘Then we started keeping Shabbat, then kashrut, then I started to go to the mikveh.’
    • ‘As an unmarried, not traditionally observant woman, I had never actually been to a mikva and always assumed my first visit would be on the eve of my wedding.’


Mid 19th century: from Yiddish mikve, from Hebrew miqweh, literally ‘collection (usually of water)’.